Top Ten Books/Authors I Am Thankful For

It is American Thanksgiving time.  I differentiate because, as a Canadian, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October except a change in TV schedule and some bargains in online shopping.  It also apparently means a thankful theme for the Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday list.  I can always stand for some extra thankfulness, so I am going along with it.  Especially since I am living just a few short hours from the U.S.

Thus, the top ten list is the top ten books/authors I am thankful for.

  1. The Bible.  Given that this is the book written by God (well, God used people to write it) and it is chalk full of all sorts of good and useful and relevant (yes, relevant) stuff, it must be on the list.
  2. Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of internal Medicine by Marc Sabatine and colleagues.  This was a handbook I was told to get at the start of clerkship and it has helped with the management of all sorts of problems on all sorts of rotations.  I have it on my iPhone where it acts as one of the many appendages of my artificial brain.
  3. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.  I love this book.  I know some people say it is just a bunch of obvious facts.  And really, it is.  But, I love how it writes about the relationship and the notion of dying and such.
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  This is one of those books that is forced on high school students everywhere.  And I am glad it is.  It talks about a lot of important stuff and is so well written you want to read it.
  5. Author Judy Blume.  Her books grow up with you in all age groups and through all phases.  I loved that they addressed issues I was going through or going to go through (especially when I started reading books that were way too old for me).  Plus, her style of writing made me want to write too.
  6. Author Ann Martin.  The Babysitter’s Club books are some of the books that first got me in to reading novels and kept me loving reading through most of my younger years.  I think they were a good intro to reading for many people and for that I am very grateful.
  7. Author L.M. Montgomery.  She is an author that I loved as a child and continue to love as an adult.  She was another big motivator for me to love writing and continue to love writing.  Plus, I used her books to write my big giant IB paper in grade 12… Glad that happened.  Furthermore, she is another author who wrote books that are loved the world over and introduced many to the joy of reading.
  8. Author Roald Dahl.  I know I have a small obsession with him.  But his books are so entertaining and bizarre, how can you not?
  9. Author Dr. Seuss.  Excessive rhyming.  Nonsensical randomness.  Dr. Seuss is always a good time and can brighten my day all the time!
  10. Author Robert Munsch.  This Canadian gem (although he is apparently American born) write hilarious and random children’s books.  I want his anthology for my kids when I have them (more for me than the kids, I think).  His books start a love of reading from an early age and one can always be glad for that.   Plus, hearing him read live is an extra special treat!

I am thankful for these books and authors and also many more!

What bookish paraphernalia are you thankful for?


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Books/Authors I Am Thankful For

  1. Thanks for visiting Jorie’s Reads and commenting!… Wow, I should’ve mentioned God as well. I’ve just begun reading Kisses from Katie. Have you read it?

  2. Ann Martin! I can’t believe I didn’t think of The Babysitter’s Club! I loved those books – especially since on of them had the same last name as me. Lol. I read those like crazy. Sweet Valley High too.

  3. How big was the “giant big” IB paper?

    LM Montgomery: national treasure.

    The Bible: you hit the nail on the head.


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