Beautiful One and Other Memories Set To Music

I was trying to come up with something to post today and was having major writer’s block when an idea popped into my head.

It all started when the song “Beautiful One” played on my iTunes. 

Whoop.  An older worship song.  What is the big deal?

Well, this song is to me, one of the biggest most mind blowing songs about my feelings about God.

It is one of those songs that I always feel like I truly am worshiping God when I sing because of that connection.  The words make sense to me.  The melody fits with the sentiment that I want to portray.  Just the right amount of intensity.  It just works.   And it reminds me of times when I have felt most connected to God.

True story.

I love music.  That is no secret.

My memory is set to music… As I have said previously.  And I voice my feelings better in music than I can through speaking and sometimes writing.

So, I figured, I could point out a few other delightful pieces that make me think or remember or worship or smile or laugh or a bit of all of the above.

Next up… The Grandpa Song by The Judds. 

Don’t judge.  This is a number from my wee childhood.  Like going out on drives with my parents when I was still in a carseat.  I knew the words.  And I loved this song.  I really don’t know why aside from it being familiar.

But, looking back and listening to it now, I really did like my grandfathers.  And the song still rings true and I still love it.  Things have changed a lot in our world and not for the better.  This brings me back to a simpler time.  It has an underlying sense of longing and love that I appreciate.

Now, we can flash forward about 20 years.  Caedmon’s Call singing Table For Two. 

This song was on the first mixed CD the Child ever made me.  Yes, mixed CD.  We bond over our love of music.  Anyway, the song takes me back to long chats with her and the other girls about boys and the adventures of trying to figure life out.  For me, it really put together my feelings about how life feels so chaotic and confusing, but that God has all of it, including our relationships under control.

The song has a nice lilty acoustic guitar background that helps you to feel as if you really are just chilling out in a café.  Plus, you can really belt along, if you feel so compelled.

Have I ever talked about the song Patrick and I consider our song?  Probably, but I will again. 

The song is entitled Must Have Done Something Right by Reliant K.  Much more upbeat than your typical love song, it has a humorous music video and talks about how we should get jerseys because we make a great team and clichés and such.  It suits us.  So, instead of being traditional, we walked back up the aisle to this at the end of the wedding.

My last pick for tonight is a sunny little number from the band Aqua called Dr. Jones. 

This song was so cool when I was in the sixth grade.

But, it really got cool when I got my first car with a CD player.  And then an iPod with the ability to play music in the car.  My friends and I would drive around and sing along with all sorts of delightful musical music and 90s music.  This was one of them.  It may have appeared a L’s wedding, that is how much it is still loved.  And yes, Patrick and I still sing it in the car.  And I still sing along with the man.  How can one not smile and listen to Aqua?  Plus, it brings back so many fun memories.

I could go on and on with memorable or meaningful songs.  But, I can use this as future post potential.  And have no fear, I will!  Muahahaha!  But, probably not until I suffer again from epic writer’s block.

I would, however, in the meantime, love to hear some of your meaningful or memorable songs.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful One and Other Memories Set To Music

      • I love when that happens ! I am going on a youtube adventure for She & Him … But not the Christmas stuff… I thought I would include that bit for you . I think it has to do with my new obsession with New Girl. Love me for using “Child” as my username .

      • I sure do love you for using “Child” as your username. It works.
        Love the She & Him… Christmas inclusive (but not for another week at least).
        I watched the first three episodes of New Girl… And laughed hysterically by myself. Good times.

  1. This is the most accurate and helpful comment that I’ve seen posted. It seems to me that most of the comments are responding to concerns about writing songs. But I compose music, which may, or may not have lyrics. I write and perform jazz and it’s about chord progressions and melodies (notes and tones). And with that said, I still suffer from writer’s block from time to time. You just have to continue to listen to other music. LISTEN, all the time, and just write as much as you can.

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