First Blogiversary!

I can’t believe it, but this is my first blogiversary.

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Last year at around this time, in the middle of a giant snow storm that shut down the whole city (university and metro bus inclusive), I finally took the plunge and decided to start a blog.  Patrick encouraged me to do it after ages of me talking about how much I missed writing and how I thought it would be something interesting to try.

So, I did it.  And honestly the whole thing kind of blew my mind.  I have met some very interesting online friends.  There are people that I know who read this on a regular basis that I would have never expected to be interest or would have expected to be super weirded out.  Honestly, I am just amazed people read it at all.

The whole stats thing still drives me a little crazy, it isn’t like I have hundreds of followers or hundreds of reads daily.  But, things have been increasing steadily.  And I do this more for the joy of writing than for gaining popularity.

Even more mind boggling is that I have been doing the official post-a-day challenge since around February of this year, but as it turns out, according to my stats, I pulled it off, on average for the entire year of blogging.

Big self high-five.

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Things have changed a lot since I first started writing (see first post here).  I have gone from med school to residency.  I survived CaRMS.  We went to Europe.   Patrick and I moved a significant move.  We got a cat.

It is pretty cool to see the progression on paper.

Thanks to the people who have been supportive of me in this giant venture.  Especially Patrick who still reads every post and puts up with the giant time suck that is my blog.

I think I will keep on doing it.  And now that I proved I can do it every day, maybe I will skip a day every now and again… Maybe.


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