I don’t like change.

It isn’t that I dislike variety or trying new challenges.

I like those things if I can plan for them.

But sometimes you cant.

For instance, today a one hour teaching round was changed without notifying me (on my morning off) to a two hour session.  I was unimpressed.  Especially when it went 20 minutes over the 2 hours.

Time means a lot to me.  I function on a schedule.

I started pediatric emergency medicine last week.  And I love it.  I love kids in a one-on-one setting.  Emerg is a place where you can sometimes do a lot by doing very little and it is a pretty interesting and high yield place to learn.

Bigger bonus…. Shift work.

At least that is what I thought.

I love shift work because it means guaranteed 8 hour days.  Although the rest of the world may think this is standard, I have adjusted to a go into wor at 6:30 and hope for the best sort of routine.  Plus, every four days or so, I just hole up in the hospital for over 24 hours.  8 hour days gives a freedom I haven’t had in ages.  Especially with a known, defined schedule for a whole four weeks!

My only issue with this new schedule is that it means shifting my sleep pattern.  Working a few days, then an evening and then a night is a bit hard on my brain.  Not only my scheduling brain (who is in love with the pattern), but moreso my migraine brain.

I got a blazing migraine this morning. My first in a while.  A sign that my medication and self-care has been working effectively.  But nonetheless, when a migraine strikes at 10 and you work at 3, life is not smiling.  At least it wasn’t at work.

It went away quickly with some sumitriptan and a nap.

It made me remember that as much as my body isn’t built for sleeping in, it isn’t built for all of the schedule changes that come with shift work.

But the hours are so good!

I have had time to meet up with friends.  We have people visiting for the weekend.  I actually finish reading I am assigned ahead of time.  Big win.

I was told in one of my first evaluations for the rotation that I am adaptable.  I figure out and blend with my surroundings.  I learn how to work in a new place quickly.

If only my head did that well with the shift changes.

Like call, it will likely get better.

But again, I think I can deal with the odd migraine and enjoy the time I have to do things like life.  It is kind of nice.

Plus I love the kids… Until they all get me sick… I am sure that is coming soon.

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