Parody Love

Patrick showed me this delightful Jimmy Kimmel video the other day.  He was watching late night TV and stumbled upon the show and then realized the awesomeness that he had discovered.

Basically, they took a bunch of songs that are on the radio right now and changed the words to make them Thanksgiving/Holiday themed.  

Too funny.

Patrick and I love it probably a little too much.  And when we love something we sometimes overdo it.  As evidenced by this post and Patrick sharing it with our visiting friends last night.

I love it when people change the words to songs and make them about something else.  Maybe because I grew up in a time when Weird Al was cool, but probably moreso because it is just plain awesome. Plus, I have a friend who when he was younger happened to look exactly like Weird Al.

Sometimes, at night when we are lying in bed, Patrick and I rewrite words to songs.  Okay, I might not just do it at night.  And he might do it sometimes because he just doesn’t remember the words to the songs.

Really, it is just plain fun.

Take a look at this video one of the maritime med schools did to promote their program… Wicked awesome parody fun.


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