Playing All Day and Other Fun In Peds Emerg

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I love pediatric emergency medicine.  I think I have stated this fact previously.  But, I do.

And not because I am a sadist who likes screaming children.

But because it is a satisfying job on many counts. of all, I have all of the cool toys (minus the kids who come in with iPads or their DS or whatever).  A stethoscope is like gold to most kids under 8.  You listen to them, they listen to Mom.  The wee ones chew on it (on that note, the stethoscope is a bit of a sesspool… thank goodness for antibacterial wipes).  The otoscope, although one of the more scream inducing exams for the really wee ones is also a fabulous distraction method.   I love that I can play and do an exam.  I don’t always love that I have to wrestle my cool and very expensive toys out of their hands at the end of the visit.

Kids don’t look at you like an idiot.  You can do a neurologic exam on children without having them stare at you like you are an idiot when you start telling them to “walk on a tightrope” or “puff out your cheeks.”

I find putting on casts a very satisfying activity.  Nothing better than a good quality cast.

On a related note, kids love to see their own x-rays, even if they are normal.  I love being able to show them. small foreign bodies out of orifices is strangely rewarding.  First of all, because in the end the kid feels better.  But also because you just never know what you might find.  Clear sparkly elastics, Barbie shoes, window stickers and rocks are just some of the findings I have had.

Many times, all a kid needs is a good dose of Ibuprofen and a popscicle to be back to themselves.

You get hugs and cuddles that aren’t creepy throughout the day.

Most of the visits are not at all emergencies.

Did I mention you get to play a lot?

The major downfall, is that you get sick.  Because kids cough and sneeze and pee and puke all over the place.  That is what makes life interesting, I suppose.

Nonetheless, if I didn’t love doing the whole oncology thing so much, I would consider this.  Instead, I will simply be a parent.  And possibly do a bit of pediatrics in my practice.  At least  then it isn’t a constant barrage of contagious illness.

16 thoughts on “Playing All Day and Other Fun In Peds Emerg

  1. I pulled a pinto bean out of my friend’s daughter’s nose once. She didn’t have the stomach to do it and I guess she figured I was qualified for the job being a doctors wife and mom to 4. Ha!

  2. I love Paeds as well, and Paeds Emerg is fun. Most of the time, when the parents don’t cry harder than their kids. I think it’s definitely a field I’m seriously considering.
    I also love that kids don’t embrace a sick role. They won’t tell you they’re sick when they’re not. You’ll know the moment they’re better, unlike adults who try to squeeze every second extra sick leave out of you. Kids are awesome!

    • When the parents cry harder than the kids, things get tough!
      From the sounds of things, you would be a super paediatrician!
      It is true. Kids totally don’t embrace the sick role. And they are only sick for as long as they have to be and not a moment sooner. I think that is part of why they are fun. It is easier to fight someone to rest a little than try to convince people they are fine.

    • I am glad you liked it!
      There are so many fun and enjoyable experiences in the journey of doctoring, I can’t help but write abut the good ones or the funny ones sometimes!

  3. The Princess and the “Nose” Pea?

    Kids cute = 1. Snot/puke/other bodily fluids causing the plague = not so adorable.

    • One kid insisted she still felt the sticker she shoved up there long after we had it out. Does that make her a true princess?
      If kids had all of their body fluid orfices closed, they would be more adorable.

  4. I am laughing at your post. Barbie shoes have been confiscated from my house until my girls are older – you finding them in orfices has reinforced that it’s the right decision! Thanks for linking up with Medical Monday Blog Hop!

    • I am glad to have reinforced your decision. I think it is a wise one. As much as I am a fan of learning by experience, there are some things one can learn without the experience. One of those is not sticking things in one’s nose.
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Loved this post. It reminded me about the time my brother put a peanut up hiis nose when he was little because he wanted to be an elephant. We had to take him to the hospital to have it suctioned out! You are lucky to have found something that makes you so fulfilled.

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