Proclaiming My Love of the Proclaimers

As I think I have mentioned in this blog previously, I have a strange love for The Proclaimers.  Yes, those lovely Scottish twin brothers who were popular in the 1980s and made an attempted comeback, that, from the sounds of things didn’t take off too well.  But really, that doesn’t matter to me.  I quite like them.

How, might you ask did I decide I love the Proclaimers?

Well, as a child born in the 80s, I was just a wee one when they were cool.  However, I was a teen when the whole Shrek phenomena happened, thus bringing the group to the forefront.  Also, interestingly, while in cadets the “survival people” would dance to 500 Miles as the song that represented their group.

Add to this the group’s epic harmonies, sometimes bizarre songs and happening upon one of their old CDs during my undergrad and I was hooked.

It also helped that one of my best Nuc Med buddies liked them as much as me.  We would listen to them while studying and singing along in parts (possibly with some odd dance moves thrown in).

You can really belt along with some of them… One of the better ones to belt with is Irish Girls Are Pretty, which is actually titled Sean.

Even more exciting was that when we were in university, the Proclaimers came and did a love show in our city and we got to go.  We were two of the only people there under 40 and we had a blast.  Even if some of the people in the Nuc Med department laughed at us a little.

I enjoy a lot of music, as I have mentioned previously, but these guys are fairly consistently in my radar when I want to go back for an old faithful.

Apparently they did the soundtrack for a movie recently.  I may need to check it out.

The other thing that has made me think of them lately was that I was watching some How I Met Your Mother and it was the episode when Marshall and Ted were remembering road trips in Marshall’s aged car where he had a 500 Miles single stuck on repeat in the car.  They pretty much sing a long like I do (at least during the parts where they seemed to be enjoying themselves).

So yes, they may not be “cool” and yes they are “old.”  But, they harmonize and I like that they still have accents when they sing and that they bring me back.  Plus, most of their songs are fun to sing.  And liking them makes me a bit unique.  And I do quite like being unique.

Please, share your thoughts!

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