Top Ten New To Me Music Artists of 2012

Since yesterday’s post was about the top ten new to me authors of 2012, I thought I would stick with the theme (even though the year isn’t quite over yet, the whole thing is on my mind, which is otherwise full of pediatric medicine, Christmas lists and soft tissue sarcoma).  When I was writing the author list, I realized that I have many more singers/bands that I can choose from for a list, given I listen to far more music than I read, which is actually saying quite a lot.

  1. Fun.  I started liking them before they were plastered all over the radio, but I continue to like them despite that.  They have a bit of a unique style and the music is fun to belt along with.  Plus the band name is pretty cool.
  2. Young the Giant.  Like books, the Child and I also tend to share music.  She posted their song “Cough Syrup” on my wall back in the winter.  The band quickly became a new favourite.  I enjoy their laid back style.  And the fact that I don’t hear them every five seconds on the radio.
  3. Mumford and Sons.  I stumbled upon these guys after reading a New Years blog post with one of their songs embedded in it.  I enjoyed the folky sound to them and the fact that the lyrics are rather clever.
  4. She & Him.  I had heard of this delightful ensemble before the new year, but mainly with reference to their Christmas music.  I did not actually get hooked until the new year when I bought the album Volume Two.  I really should acquire Volume One when I think about it.  The sound is kind of retro and I think this is what makes it unique, in a sense.
  5. Florence and the Machine.  I know I was missing out, but prior to 2012, I really didn’t do very much Florence and the Machine either.  I had heard of them, but had yet to fully appreciate the music.  The release of “Ceremonials” led me to listen to some samples of the album on a quest for new music (aka avoiding studying).  And thus, a new love was born.  My favourite song is consistently “Shake It Out.”
  6. Bon Iver. Again, the sound is a bit unique compared to some of the other stuff out there. And it is super mellow.  Great for chilling out and having a good study or reading session.  I included an older song “Skinny Love,” but their new stuff is equally fabulous.  This just resounds as my favourite.  
  7. The Lumineers.  I have no idea where I first picked up on this group.  I am presuming it was an 8tracks find, but since then, I have heard them everywhere, including the one episode of Bones I watched thus far this season.  They are yet again kind of folky and mellow, but a bit more upbeat, plus they feature a cellist… Very cool! 
  8. MGMT.  I know they have been around for ages, but I feel like in a way they were a new discovery to me.  Patrick saw the music video for “Kids” and showed it to me.  Although I knew of them and a few songs, I really wasn’t overly keen, but something changed.  Despite their techno-sort-of roots, they are kind of fun!  Plus all of their music videos are like bad trips. 
  9. The Avett Brothers.  Another mellow, folk group with faboulous harmonies and acoustic guitar.  Their song January Wedding was the first one I heard.  I have loved them since.
  10. Carly Rae Jepsen.  Okay, don’t judge.  Patrick will kill me because she was on Canadian Idol, but I really didn’t care about her or even like her very much until her latest album.  The stuff is poppy, but super catchy and kind of fun.

I could go on and on, but these were the first ten to pop into my head (and make the 2012, liking more than one of their songs cut).   I realize that many of my choices make me look like a huge hipster (I have already written on my thoughts on that subject here), so I really don’t care, but oh well.

Who are some of your favourite new to you artists of 2012?


Please, share your thoughts!

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