Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

I am making rainbow sprinkle party cake cupcakes for our festive resident hang-out tonight.IMG_3764

You know, the ones that come in a box.  And were once accompanied by rainbow sprinkle frosting (which is no longer produced in Canada).

They taste like rainbow-y childhood deliciousness.

There is an ice cream that reproduces their goodness.  But the actual cake is so good!  The ice cream may be somewhat better because it is like the cake AND ice cream.

Sometimes, little bits of childhood are the best.  Those little tastes of familiarity.

Like playing old school Nintendo-like Mario on the Wii.  It might be a bit different (and you get to throw eacho ther and play cooperatively), but it is similar enough to feel homey.

Or, old school Christmas specials.  Like the animated Grinch or ?claymation Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Or those songs that bring you back.  For instance, I go back every time I hear songs from Dirty Dancing, even though I only saw the movie for the first time last year (my parents had the cassette soundtrack in the car).

It has been one of those weeks that felt really busy and now I am off for the weekend and it feels so good.  Kind of like when school is out for Christmas, even though it isn’t actually done until next week.  For whatever reason, it makes me feel more child-like.

I don’t see any harm in those sorts of flashbacks from time to time.  It is a good reminder of the joy and innocence of childhood and the small joys of life.

When I think of Jesus coming as a baby around this season, it reminds me that He got to enjoy those little bits of fun in childhood.  Obviously not rainbow sprinkle cake or Rudolf, but those small joys that come from being human and growing up.  It reminds me that He does get us, more than we sometimes give Him credit for.  He was fully man and yet is God and gets joys that we don’t even grasp.

That thought makes me even more happy than colorful cake or a song.  He knows so much, He gets us and He is our savior.  I can’t imagine it, but yet the thought of little Jesus learning and growing and yet being God is such an amazing thought.  Especially looking at children and their wonder and innocence and sheer excitement.

I am glad I have that kind of joy.  I wish I had the joy of a child every day, but that is something I can only work and pray towards.  The joy comes easier this time of year, especially when thinking of our Lord and King.

I am also glad I have rainbow sprinkle cake!  Yum!

Furthermore, I realize that this post has food, video games, Dirty Dancing and Jesus in it… The combination is quite bizarre, as is the thought process.  I am sure there is someone out there who things the combo is blasphemous or something.  Whatever.  It works for me.  Welcome to my mind.

Please, share your thoughts!

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