Merry Christmas Vacation

Christmas vacation is officially here!

It even started a bit early for me.

You see, yesterday was academic half day (aka physics time).  It was also my second (but, when you factor in that the first day doesn’t start until 2pm, it was really more my first) day of cardiology.  So, of course I was running late trying to tie up loose ends and failing at not looking like a total idiot.

By the time I had signed over to the on call person on my team, it was time for physics.  Problem: I was at another hospital.  Solution: I ran.

Okay, reality check… I actually ran for all of 30 seconds, maybe a minute, then remembered I am still a bit weak from the whole gastro thing, rather out of shape secondary to this whole residency taking away my gym time and it is winter and my asthma was not having it (not to mention I can’t run on the best of days).  I then powerwalked the rest of the way to the hospital.  Only to get a text from my junior physics counterpart (because, of course there are only two of us in the class) that there was no class today.

So, there I was sweaty, hungry and a touch woozy at the physics department.  I ate lunch and then came to an amazing epiphany… I was in protected time until 5.  That meant that I was actually off kind of early for my 6 days of glorious vacation.

I mentally frolicked home… In my head, I kind of looked like this (but vacation was the only source of my bliss… Not Viagra).

I cleaned the house (Jeter supervised).  I cooked for the potluck we were going to that night (Jeter also supervised).  I packed for home (he supervised that too).

So now, as we hide our tree from the cat so as to avoid him causing further destruction while we are away (on an aside, we had a mini fake bet last night that he would take the tree out last night despite us having gifts around it… Well, I thought he would, Patrick was more trusting.  The tree was still standing.  Shocking.  It, however was missing bits this morning), I continue to rejoice.  There is just something delightful about going home for the holidays.  And about having holidays.   Oh, and the fact that my parents have a fabulous white tree.IMG_0009

Even if I do need to start reading about cardiology, so as to avoid looking like an idiot when I get back (especially because I will be the ONLY housestaff on for a week), this shall be a Merry Christmas and a Merry Vacation!

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