Holly Jolly Christmas

We had a delightful Christmas at home.

And now it is time to go back to work tomorrow… By myself… Covering Cardiology… Look out world.

Nothing better than diving in head first.

The whole time was a big reminder of how blessed we are to have wonderful family and friends.

I feel like we need a vacation from the vacation because we spent so much of it with people.   We did manage to fit in pretty much all of our usual holiday traditions in half the time (lights with my parents, brunch with Patrick’s family, Christmas dinners with both families and all of the grandparents, M family potluck, church, Christmas Eve church, festivities with the kids, Christmas party with the friends, girls’ time, latte dates).  In fact, I think we spent as much time with our families as we would any other holiday.  A bit less time with friends, but still some good quality time.  The only thing I missed was the team Nuc Med hangout and cupcakes with my med school friends… But, you can’t do it all every time, I suppose.

Bonus to it all was a sunny drive in both directions (a win this time of year).

And we came home to a house covered in catnip and shredded paper thanks to Jeter’s mad redecorating skills.

Merry belated Christmas and Merry Boxing Day!

2 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas

  1. Praying for a light call shift. I won’t jinx you by bringing up the “q” word. Look out Cardio, Dr. T for Terrific is coming your way!

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