Our Fake Family

Today is post-call day 2/3 in 6 days. I am glad I don’t stem from the day and age that everyone did regular 1 in 2 or 3 call. It is painful. Even the cardiologist I am on service with thinks it is crazy.

Last night was a bit rough. Not Gen Surg rough, but 2h of sleep rough.

But then, I get to come home to my lovely family. Patrick, the cat dog and our apartment house in the middle of a snowstorm. We are dog sitting for one of the other residents in our program and tonight because we like the dog and because the weather is suboptimal for three trips to the dog’s house, we are having a sleep over.

I kind of feel like the song “Let It Snow” is relevant.

I had a nice post-call nap and we are settled in for an evening of books, movies and Scrabble. I am even wearing my sweet new PJs from Patrick’s sister. All in our pretend house with our pretend dog. All we need is a pretend baby (although baby may hamper my sleep).


Also, we found this gem… A snowman either building, kissing, or as I prefer beheadding another snowman.

Simple days like this make life great (I only hope it rains a bunch again to take the snow all way before we have to leave in the morning).

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