Bah Humbug – New Years Eve Edition

I don’t mean to be cynical and bitter.

Okay, maybe I do a little.

But seriously, what is with all of the whole New Years hype thing?

I get it.  Like any festivity it is nice to wish people a “happy new year.”  And yes, it is super fun to celebrate it by staying up late and spending time with people you like.  And fireworks are always a win.
But, what is with the constant need to look back on the year and detail your every good and bad moment of the year that passed, particularly for everyone to see. It is one thing to do a year in review thing on your blog (although the sheer volume of those is even overwhelming… I say this as a person who did two varieties of them), especially if your blog is about your life.  And I prefer to focus on the good, because why dwell on the bad (there is nothing wrong  with addressing the bad, but often there is some good)?  The ones that really grind my gears are those who list it all out there on Facebook.  Really?  Do people actually care?  Especially about the overly personal details like your Dad leaving or your great sex life (both are true stories)? 

I read these.  I know… If I have such a problem with them, then why do I?  Because they are there and in the way of other stuff.  And sometimes they are kind of funny.  Or sad.  And I actually care about the people I read about (for the most part).

Yes, I too am airing my dirty laundry for others to see.  But, it is not just for this special time of year (I guess most of the others overshare any time of year too).

But aside from the sometimes exessive over-reflection (we can do it any day, not just December 31 and January 1), there are the ridiculous greetings.
Everyone is wishing everyone a blessed, prosperous, happy, well new year.  I know it is a nice wish.  But it gets overdone.  Especially given that is not the case.  Why don’t we say this any other time of year?  Probably because we don’t think of it the rest of the time.

Plus, people all say they hope next year is even better or just plain better.  Again… Shouldn’t we be grateful for what we have?  And shouldn’t we think about improving things not just on a few days of the year?

And even though it is a nice wish and a nice thought, all of our years can’t be happy.  We can’t always be prosperous.  And really, we are all blessed.  Just sometimes we don’t see it.

Lastly, New Years Eve is not the only night to party.  Yes, I am on-call and yes, tomorrow you will get a photo journal entry about my fabulous New Years Eve on-call.  But that to say that it happens no matter what and it is what you make it!

I see a million people (okay, reality check, it is more like 10) who are working tonight too who are whining on Facebook. 

Suck it up.

Lots of people work tonight. 

Look at the Chinese food restaurants. and pizza places… Busiest night of the year.  Guys who do fireworks… Occupied.

When you work in healthcare, it is the same deal.  Sometimes you have to reschedule holidays.  People don’t stop getting sick because you want to party.

I do admit, some of those people are seeing the bright side.

Tonight, Patrick is partying with both pets (in separate homes because combining Fionntan the dog and Jeter the cat may not be the brightest idea).  Tonight, I have to be at the hospital, but am busy and celebrating in my own way (more on that tomorrow).

New Years Eve is just another day that we choose to make a big deal.  But really it is any other day.  And can be replaced by any other day. 

I don’t see the need to blow it all out of proportion.  And I think we should be reflective and hopeful all year round.  Not just because it is cool to do on a given day. 

And in case you weren’t sure, it is never really cool to talk about your sex life or Dad peeling on Facebook.  In fact, it is a bit awkward.


6 thoughts on “Bah Humbug – New Years Eve Edition

  1. Sex life and Facebook do NOT mix, unfortunately I don’t think people will ever understand that concept. I’m thankful my husband grew up in a house where his dad worked many holiday being a police officer. It is so hard trying to get people to understand people get sick, have babies, need surgery, and die 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    • Both points are so true. My husband grew up with a Dad who was a tug boat dispatcher and was on call from home on Christmas and such, so he is pretty reasonable too. Some others… Not so much.

    • I agree. March is an excellent time for some of this good will and optimism. We should reschedule New Years Eve. Simple enough, no?
      Despite all that, Happy New Year!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hello (I am NOT wishing Happy New Year, mind you.) and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed receiving your posts in my mail and reading your thoughts, reflections, and commentary–even the Bah Humbug stuff. 🙂

    I’ve been the primary caregiver for my elderly parents for over ten years and just my mom for the last four. Needless to say, I don’t get out much. She’s 97. Holidays aren’t major events here. New Years is more for grumbling because the firecrackers really get my six dogs barking, thank you very much.

    Anyway, it’s always good to be grateful for what we have, what we’ve gone through, and for the people in our lives whether they’re in real life or online. Keep on writing….

    • Haha… Hi! And Happy New Year!

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I am glad you are enjoying reading At Least We Made It This Far…

      Life as a caregiver is much busier than most people realize! It is a 24/7 job… Holidays included.

      We do need to be grateful more!

      Thanks for sharing and continuing to follow!

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