New Years On-Call… A Sort-of Pictoral Documentary

Well, Happy New Year!

I spent my New Years eve and the first part of the day in the hospital doing the delightful duty of Cardiology call.  While most people show pictures of parties… I will show pictures of my version of a party.

Yay... Start of yet another call shift.Goal... Look awake so I don't cry.

Yay… Start of yet another call shift.
Goal… Look awake so I don’t cry.

The day started off like any other day.  Rounding with the team and writing notes.  Oh, and some betting with one of our patients that we would find some sort of disease in his heart despite the patient swearing up and down we wouldn’t.   Later in the day, the cath was done and the patient was right.  Good thing we didn’t put down actual money.

I actually got to eat lunch at a decent hour despite having to run to a code blue that turned out to be nothing (thankfully!).  On the bright side, despite not going to the gym for months, I still fit in a bit of cardio.  My lunch  was left over spaghetti with chili-garlic thai sauce with a side of my ECG book.

Love the spork.  Not the ECGs.

Love the spork. Not the ECGs.

Post-lunch was more note writing and consulting and even a 30 minute cat-nap in my luxurious call room (again, luxurious is a relative term, but this room is decent except for its lack of window and proximity to a few loud fire doors that sound as if people are coming in to join you).

The best part is that they left an extra flannel blanket on the foot of the bed today!

The best part is that they left an extra flannel blanket on the foot of the bed today!

When official call-time started I grabbed a quick supper.  Instant “spicy noodles.”  They were surprisingly good.  I treated myself to my “fun” book The Circle series by Ted Dekker (which is also turning out to be surprisingly good).

First supper.

First supper.

But, as life on-call goes… Starting supper meant my pager went off and it was off to save lives, people (like on Grey’s Anatomy).  Realistically, people would be okay most of the time without my intervention.  Nurses are superstars.  And 1 in every 2 or 3 calls are legitimately urgent.  At least that is how it feels in my head sometimes.

While seeing someone on one unit, I was fortunate enough to catch some early evening fireworks with one of my favourite patients (yes, I am a terrible person and have favourites… Some people you just click better with) and a couple of the nurses.  They were pretty awesome fireworks.  We oohed and ahhed like stereotypical firework viewers.  So cliché.  So delightful.

Some of the lovely nurses on my main unit were ordering Chinese food for the festivity.  I joined in.  Who doesn’t like second supper on a potentially long night of call?

Second supper.

Second supper.

I was even more lucky to sneak my husband in (okay, not really sneak… The hospital is a public building) to share my Chinese food with me.  Kind of like fancy New Years eve dinner.  Except in the hospital cafeteria… With the mice.

The happy couple.

The happy couple.

I didn’t change into my evening attire until later in the evening.

Showing off the evening attire... Awkwardly.

Showing off the evening attire… Awkwardly.

By 11:30, I was feeling ready for bed and decided to attempt to call it a night.  Either that or I considered using my pager as a ball to drop at midnight… Preferably from a high, pager damaging height.

Pager... Hanging by the end of it's bungee cord safety string.

Pager… Hanging by the end of it’s bungee cord safety string.

But, at 11:45, I got called to deal with an emergency and rang in the new year sorting out vital signs and assessing someone.  On the bright side, they were okay and the staff on the unit were all wearing festive hats.

Amazingly, I got about 2.5 hours of sleep.

And then all heck broke loose.

Unrelenting chest pain, vomiting blood, agitated people and low blood pressure were all adventures on my list.

And thus, more cardio.

I realized at one point that sometimes I sing songs to myself when I do stuff… Like theme songs.  I was singing “The Final Countdown” while powerwalking to see someone acutely unwell and unstable.

I was thrilled to finally get to go home in the morning and crawl into my nice warm bed.  Kind of similarly to people who partied all night.

Okay... This picture is from when I crawled back out of bed.  I was too sleepy on the way in.

Okay… This picture is from when I crawled back out of bed. I was too sleepy on the way in.

Patrick made me a New Years eve traditional treat for lunch… Cheese sticks.  He ate his traditional one and I ate the rest.

Post-call lunch of champions.

Post-call lunch of champions… In bed.

So, there you go… New Years Eve in the hospital.

Tonight, we go to supper with some friends (okay, a friend and some people we have never met).  I hope I don’t fall asleep on them.

Whoo being festive.


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