Patrick and I watched a fabulous episode of Community during the marathon last weekend.  It was the remedial chaos theory episode in which they inadvertently make 6 different timelines (well, 7 actually). 

Other than being absolutely priceless, the episode was actually a good example of chaos theory.

It was also a kind of realistic look at life, in a sense.  Sometimes a simple slight change in events has the potential to change the course of other subsequent events.

Yes, I think we have choice.  And yes, I think those choices impact where we are going and what happens.  But yes, I also think God is in control of the situation and knows what will happen and can protect us or put other things in our path.

Now, I am not going to get into a free will versus predestination argument.  The whole think always gets me confused.   We have choice and God knows where we are going.  He has a plan, but loves us enough to let us make choices.  Like parents.  Life is like a playground.  It is all good, so long as we stay in the playground (to quote one of Patrick’s favourite mentors).

But seriously, have you ever looked back at a big or small decision in your life.  Something that actually changed you in a big way, even if it seemed not quite so consequential in the past.

For instance, I decided after many years of planning on moving for undergrad to stay home for school.  There, I met Patrick, got into the whole medicine thing and did many things I probably wouldn’t have, had I  gone away for school.  If I look at where I was headed had I moved, I would be a very different person and there is a good chance I would not be where I am (unless God put a bunch of other stuff in my path, which He very well could have).

Patrick and I sometimes get a good laugh at looking at alternate possibilities.  What our lives would be like now if I had matched elsewhere.  If we had waited to get married.  If we didn’t get our bat crazy cat.

The good thing is that even if we could create multiple timelines or if we could know what happened if we made different choices, we can’t change it.  So, we might as well embrace the time that we have.  Nonetheless, I would be interested in finding out what happens or would happen.


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