From Hearts To Holes

It is yet another new rotation time.

Ah, the life of an intern.

Variety is the spice of life.

Some days I could use a little less.

As I have mentioned (here and here and here, for instance), I dislike change.  Starting new rotations never fails to stress me out, at least a little.  New expectations, new preceptors, new nursing units.  All of it can lead to pretty significant change.

I have been told on countless times that I am very adaptable.

Adaptable, yes.  But, I am a sad chameleon, the change isn’t fun to me.  I quite like consistency.

Although, I must admit, I am excited to be going into a less busy rotation.  And learning is good.  I like learning.  And relevant learning.

Jumping around like this will make me a good doctor.

Today, I went from the world of Cardiology to the world of Gastroenterology.

Thankfully, this isn’t as epic as the change from Surgery to Peds Emerg or Peds Emerg to Cardiology.  At least the two fall under the same Royal College specialty.  Big win.

Image from

So, as goes with the start of a new rotation, I have reading to do.  More than I do after I am a week in and more comfortable with the subject matter.  Tonight’s mission… Learn about the management of decompensated liver failure.  This, after a month of managing decompensated heart failure.  It is a pleasant change, to be honest.

On a completely unrelated note… My husband forgot me at work today.  In his defense, I walk home most days, but opted not do compliments of some snow.  In my defense, we did discuss that he would pick me up on the way to work this morning.  I thought it was funny.  Possibly because I frolicked out into the snow to met the car only to realize that it was not our car and our car was nowhere to be seen.  Better me than our unborn children.

This is kind of what I looked like when I realized he wasn’t outside and that it was snowing and I didn’t wear boots. Image from

On a more related note, I listened to this song  while getting ready for work this morning.  Today marks my PGY-1 half done day. 

6 thoughts on “From Hearts To Holes

    • I have. The first day is over. Once I survive day two, it always feels better.
      Coffee indeed.
      Interesting random fact… One of the attendings I worked with briefly on cardio told us of a rather unethical under the table study he did when he was a resident where they hooked residents up to holter monitors and fed one half all-you-can-drink coffee and the other were left to their baseline caffeine consumption. There was no significant difference in arrhythmias and only a trend towards increased heart rates. He said it wasn’t legit, so they couldn’t publish it and repeating the study would be an ethical nightmare. But interesting, nonetheless.

      • Oh my, I think I was a part of that study. Oh wait, that was all night surg call. Day 2 always is better and come-on, it takes a while to get a feel for that second rotation, especially after only 3 hours on-service. You will rock-it. 🙂

    • Christmas dinner could be a stomach attack. Or mass consumption of McDonald’s (that being said, I am a closet McD’s lover, much like a small child).
      I am glad there is no such thing as a stomach attack. It makes for a more pleasant pace this month.

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