Top Ten Settings I Would Like To See More Of

I feel like I am due for a vacation.  And not just a few days off of work kind of vacation.  A real travel kind of vacation.  Somewhere not here.  Will I get it?  Not on my first year resident schedule and salary.

This week’s top ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish is appropriate to this feeling.  It is a list of the top ten settings I would like to see more of.

  1. Elyon’s forest in The CircleBasically this is like the garden of Eden, but better in that things are literal, so you actually get to swim with God and you are happy all the time.  Pretty cool to me.
  2. The country in the past.  Think Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie.  Life was simpler, work was harder, but the pressures were different.  Plus, I love the dresses.
  3. In boarding schools.  This is another weird one.  I have always had a fascination with going away to school and living at the school.  Although not a vacation, a place like Hogwarts seems intriguing to me.
  4. Traveling the world.  I love books that take me on a journey to a variety of real places.  Books that are set in a number of places can take me to all sorts of those places without even leaving my seat.  Even those that just describe one place far away well works for me.
  5. New York City.  I can’t explain it, but there is something intriguing about New York.  Possibly because I haven’t lived in a big city.  All big city places and big city lives seem fascinating to me, but New York is one that comes to mind first and foremost.
  6. On the ocean.  I find books based on boats or on the beach equally interesting.  Probably because I love the water, but also because being near the ocean is familiar to me.
  7. Somewhere I have been before.  As much as I love getting away, reading books set in places I have been is really cool because you can picture the setting just that much more clearly and it is cool to be able to say, “I was there.”
  8. University.  I am a huge geek, so really, any school will do.  The whole higher place of learning combined with the history behind many schools is fascinating to me.
  9. Some place far, far away.  This is a bit broad and kind of cheating, but I think it is interesting to read about the distant future or past, just to see what was or what people think may be.
  10. Hospitals/Medical Clinics.  Okay, this makes me a crazy person.  I just said I could really use a vacation, and then I say I want to read more about the place I work.  I love reading books about medicine and they are most often set in or around hospitals.   I do want to read more books with this as a setting.  Even though these aren’t the get-away kinds of books I was talking about before.

What are some settings you would like to see more of?  Do you have any suggestions for books that would give me these settings? 


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Settings I Would Like To See More Of

  1. I’m totally with you on reading books set in a place I’ve been before. It’s kind of exciting to read about a specific monument (or other location) and knowing you’ve been there before.

    Great list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmmm…all of your top ten sound intriguing. I get the wanting to see other clinics and hospitals- I would love to drop by MGH and see their shiny linacs and brachy suites.

    Happy fun times tonight and post-call day tomorrow.

    And yes, Anne of Green Gables- lovely, vivid scenery and that way of life are very alluring particularly compared to the hustle and bustle of today.

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