Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post was entitled Love, I was a bit drawn away.  I don’t like the cheesiness factor that could come with such a challenge.   And yet, I did it.

There were many ways to interpret the word love.  I debated between all sorts of pictures.  Then I found the one I chose.

This is a photo of a what Patrick drew in the sand one of our days on the beach in PEI while we were there briefly for a conference.  100_4942

He is the kind of guy who makes gestures like that.  The kind that buys his wife flowers when she calls herself Doctor Death because clearly she has had a bad week.  The kind who draws her hearts in the sand just to see her roll her eyes.

A gesture like this is simple and heartfelt and just a little bit random.  I think that is what love should be like.  Similar to the unconditional love of God, similar to the love of a child.




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