Just a flesh wound… How I impaled and repaired my own thumb.

This week’s writing challenge from the Daily Post is entitled “Image vs. Text.”  The prompt is to detail a three to five step process and illustrate each of the steps with something visual.

I can think of a million processes or stories to use.

My selected process is something near and dear to my heart thumb today.  I call it physician heal thyself how to cut a chunk of your thumb and then use poor judgement to repair it.

Last night, I was being all domestic and decided that it would be a fabulous idea to make us some home cooked French onion soup.  It was a fabulous idea.  The soup was delicious.

But, I am getting ahead of myself…

I start to cut up the onions to make the soup.  Actually, even before that, I select a knife from our knife collection.

Patrick was nice enough shortly after we were married to buy me a massive knife set they were demonstrating at Wal-Mart.  I have yet to take half of them out of the boxes because I am such a whiz with the weaponry I have no clue what knife to use when.  Thus, I just hauled out a random knife.

Image from illustratedbites.wordpress.com.

I start using said random knife to cut up the onions.

Okay, onion.

I didn’t even make it through the first onion when I felt a bit of pain in my left thumb.

Side bar…. Does anyone remember their mothers telling them not to put your digits in front of the knife? Rather, does anyone remember that when actually using a knife?

Image from therwandancook.com.

Anyway, I look down and see a chunk of onion sticking to my thumb.  Clearly no reason for the pain or me to be alarmed.

Something makes me look again.

Right, it is that red stuff seeping around the onion.  Nope… That is a piece of my skin.

I stop there.

Image from blogcdn.com.

A rational person may have washed the wound out.  Applied pressure until it stopped.  I stared at it, informed Patrick I had just chopped a chunk off the end of my thumb and proceded to try to rip the flesh chunk off.

What can I say?  I didn’t like it just hanging there.   And I am disgusting.

I get a portion of the chunk off, then realize the cut is pretty deep, so I probably should just leave it.

Now, this is a deep laceration! Image from vancouvermakeupeffects.com.

Finally, I suck on it for awhile rinse it off and stick a bandaid on it.

I resume chopping activities, this time keeping my thumb out of the way safely protected by the bandaid.

Image from myapokalips.com.

As I said before, the soup was awesome.  If it is less awesome next time I make it, I will blame the lack of human flesh.

Flash forward to today.  My thumb wound was still oozing.  Honestly, I question my platlet function.  How can such a little wound continue to bleed that much.  I applied some fabulous bandaids and went to work.

Image from dan89h.wordpress.com.

This afternoon, when I noted my thumb was still bleeding while supervising the med student proceduring (more paracentesis… whoo), I concluded I could do one of two things…  I could leave it or I would see what wound glue would do.

Normally, wound glue would not be an option.  But, while finding supplies for the procedure, I discovered some.  What odds?  And it was soon to expire (okay, it may have been dated for January 2013, but it is a best before date, it may still be okay after).

Image from pearlspowder.blogspot.ca.

Normally, I would have left it.  Bandaids are a fine thing.  And I refuse to actually see another health care professional about such things like minor flesh wounds.

I have a sick sense of adventure here people.

I wound glued my own thumb laceration that, of course, by the time I got around to it seemed to have almost stopped bleeding.

Image from nytimes.com.

I did not glue myself to myself or anything like that.  I have a healthy immune system.  And polysporin.

Plus, now I have the experience.  Who knows when that will come in handy?

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