The Spouse is a Teacher Again!

Patrick and I have had an exciting few days!

As it turns out, flu season is probably the best time of years of budding teachers.  Or teachers that are trying to re-bud after moving to yet another city lacking in teaching jobs (which leads to the question why are we still putting out so many teachers if almost none of them get jobs until years later and people aren’t retiring?).  People get sick more often, or their kids get sick and as a result, more people need substitutes.  It is kind of cruel, but I have been looking forward to this season for Patrick’s sake all year.  And this year’s flu season is particularly bad, which in a twisted way may turn out to be a good thing.

Patrick has moved twice now since getting his teaching degree.  Things were just getting good on the teaching front where we lived before when I, his lovely charming medical student wife becaume his lovely charming medical resident wife in yet another city and province.

The spouses of med students/residents/doctors make huge sacrifices in their own lives for the craziness that is the career of their spouse.  I am sure people in other professions do too, but I still can’t believe that he has moved not once, but twice for me, both times giving up connections and familiarity and some of his own career potential, so that I can continue my studies.  And then on top of all that, he deals with the awfulness that is my schedule (and then apologizes for taking a job that means he can’t drive me to half day or tuck me in for my post call nap… Honestly that is nothing compared to what he misses out on when I am at work).

We packed up and moved and he started the heaps of paperwork that are required to start teaching, including letters of good standing from both places he previously lived.  Ugh.  It wasn’t until December that he was officially on the list to substitute teach.  And, after not teaching for 6 months, this was feeling like an eternity.  It is tough to explain to people who don’t get medicine how I am in school forever and work ridiculous hours.  It is also tough to explain why someone who has been a teacher for going on 4 years has yet to have a full-time teaching position and since moving has had almost no opportunity to teach at all.

Nonetheless, jobs have been appearing and now that we have the go-ahead from his after-school program boss, and his co-workers and he got his nerves up and took his first job yesterday.  And then took a full-day job today.

It is scary going back to a job like that after so much time.  And in a new place.  He is under a lot of pressure to do well, in hopes the schools will put him on their preferred list, so he gets more opportunities to work there.

I was pumped because I had just arrived home post-call when he took the job, so I got to be all traditional wife and make him a lunch and kiss him on his way out the door.  Sometimes, I feel like I usually miss out on this opportunity.  Or it is him doing it for me.  Plus, it is nice to see him doing what he really loves again.

And who knows, maybe one of these days, we will both get to work full time at the jobs we love.  And maybe, just maybe this will happen before we have a baby and need pat/mat leave (that may be overly optimistic).

It is just plain nice to see our real lives here materializing.  That we have friends and jobs (and now, more relevant jobs) and that we finally see ourselves here for the long term (or at least our 5 required years).

When I was in choir at my old school, we sang this song called “Waiting For My Real Life To Begin.”  We picked it because it was featured on the TV show Scrubs, but also because as med students, that is sometimes how you feel.  That is kind of how we were marching along our first few months here at our new home.  Like we were waiting for our real lives to begin.  Having Patrick teach again is a reminder that they have, we just need to remember these things take time. 


3 thoughts on “The Spouse is a Teacher Again!

  1. Congrats, P! I hope this turns into more sub situations for you. You have an amazing heart and any students would be blessed to have you as their teacher even if only for a short period. Prayers that this turns into more work!! :0

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