Pre-Vacation Hurdle

All that is standing between me and a week of vacation is a single Saturday Internal Medicine Medical Teaching Unit (MTU) call.  And I am already in the midst of that.

I have one of those giant smiles on my face like one of those ridiculous animal memes just thinking about it.

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This is my last weekend MTU call.  Cue giant smile again.

I must say, I do love internal medicine.  That or peds (aka children’s internal medicine) are my two second loves after the whole oncology/palliative medicine thing.  I love the puzzles.

I do not love medicine call.  It is busy.  I don’t know almost any of the patients (although month two of covering this call has enabled me to know some about some of them).

The worst part is for some odd reason, I always get scheduled for Saturday call on the weekend.  Now, you may be thinking, “Gee Trisha, it is one day of 2 kind of 3 weekend days to be on call, why so glum?”  Well, Saturday call is the worst weekend call of all.  Actually, Friday and then Sunday in-house is the absolute worst, but that is less scheduled because if you do that, then you get your two “weekend” days a month in.  What winds up happening to me is that I get two Saturdays.  Doing Saturday call means you work from 8 or 9 Saturday morning until 8 or 9 Sunday morning.  Thus, you lose your whole Saturday minus a slight sleep-in and then basically lose your Sunday too due to overall sleepiness.  Oh, and if you are an old lady like me, you also lose a piece of your Friday night because you have to go to bed at your regularly scheduled time in order to not want to die on Saturday.

There are some bright sides to medicine call, particularly medicine weekend call.

I am going to list them for you, even if you really don’t want to know.

  • I am not on one of the teams, so I don’t have to round in the morning.  That means that although I am required to be in hospital and ready for pages, the team is there rounding until at least 11 or 12, so I really don’t have anything to do except sit in the library and do things like work on my research, or write blog posts or stare longingly at the sunshine outside the window.
  • People go for fewer tests on the weekend and have fewer interventions.  That means fewer complications or problems that arise.
  • Based on the first two points, I get more studying, emailing and other work done on weekend call days than entire weekends when I am off.
  • I basically roll out of the bed in the morning and don my sexy scrubs.  And stay in them for 24 hours.  It is basically kind of like wearing awkward pajamas for a whole day AT WORK.
  • Call stipend… Well, it is something.  Even if you work it out and realize that you are getting paid under $5 an hour to work on a weekend.
  • And this weekend, there is an added bonus that I get to hide out away from my sick husband in hopes of avoiding (unlikely) his influenza-like illness he likely contracted from the kiddos (my chances are already better than his at surviving, as I got my flu shot).  I know, I am hiding in a hospital, but nonetheless, the patients don’t generally kiss me.  I also know that the incubation period is such that I probably already have it.  And I was with him all last night when he felt worse.  Still, let me have my positive.

So, just a day and night from vacation, I am.  And I am excited.  Which is sad, given my only definite plans for the week include a dentist appointment, an attempt at making a doctor appointment and cleaning/redecorating the apartment.  Oh, and possibly helping the Child decorate their new apartment.

Adulthood-type vacation does not look so becoming right now.  We will have to fit something childish in… Possibly skating at the outdoor rink up the road.  Or staying up late.  Weeknight movie, perhaps?

Next weekend heralds the start of March break at home-home, so we are becoming a hotel for the week with visits from L&C and then V&D.  I am not wishing my vacation away just to get to those fun bits, though.   Although I am pumped for the visits from the besties and their spouses!

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