Pie… Poom!

Patrick showed me this video.  And it makes my life.  Because it is random and in French (don’t worry folks, there are subtitles).  And the use of “poom” always makes me smile.

We tried to recreate it with Jeter.  He was not a fan.  His version of “poom” was more of an annoyed gnaw because I kept trying to play with his paws.

In other happiness, the hospital I work at has a Friday market and this week, there was a vendor there selling a meat pie called tourtiere that I grew up with (or at least in the presence of it, I wasn’t much of a carnivore or pie eater).  At home, it is tough to come by unless we travel to certain areas.  So, finding it in the workplace was pretty mind blowing for me.   I bought it to introduce Patrick to its goodness.  We even topped it with some red pepper jelly (as recommended by the vendor).   It made for delicious Friday night supper and delicious Saturday night supper!  Win!photo

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