Love Dare of the week

This week, I am savouring the wonderfulness that is vacation.

Since the summer, Patrick and I have been doing the Love Dare devotional series (PS… I recommend it, especially if you are looking for Biblical teaching and marriage building combined).  This week’s (week is a loose term in which seven sequential days of devotion doing occur, this may be a week or two depending on my call schedule) dare (in paraphrase) is  to give up something that you do that takes away from time with your spouse and choose to do something with your spouse instead.

I blog almost every day and most of this time, I blog just after or before supper, which means it takes up a chunk of our very short evening time together.  Patrick appreciates that I enjoy writing and that it is an outlet for me.  But, I know this also makes us miss out on time together.

So, this week, my piece of the dare is going to be to not blog on our evenings at home together.  And, really, to not do it during any of our “together” time, but only when I have time alone, like early in the morning or while he is at work.  Although it is something that he is very cool with, I think it would also be nice to maintain some “together time,” especially while I have extra time this week.

I have already told him this.  And we know it isn’t a permanent change because, well unless I start waking up even earlier or quit blogging, I will write again in his presence.  But, I thought it would be a good vacation-y thing to do.  And he is a fan.

Thus, I am writing this while Jeter and I hide from Patrick and the vacuum cleaner.

Annnnd… Back to my staycation!

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