We all dream of perfect.  It is what we strive for.

We will never achieve perfect.  Because we are inherently sinful.  We screw stuff up.

And I think sometimes it is good we won’t achieve perfect.  Because for me, that makes God even cooler and bigger, because He is perfect (He doesn’t always make sense to me, but He is perfect).  And besides that, not being perfect makes life interesting, those slip ups, bad moments, awkward moments make things entertaining or at least not boring.  And the not so great stuff makes the perfect moments even better.

I had a perfect moment this morning.  For an hour, I curled up on the couch in my flannel pajamas, with a mug of fresh coffee, a good book (Anna and the French Kiss does seem to be as good as people claimed) and the cat while listening to Bon Iver.  It was bright out, but not so bright that the apartment got hot or the sun blinded me. The cat was asleep, so he wasn’t ricocheting off the walls.  I had no place to be, nothing specific to get done and Patrick was off to work (teaching!!).

This was one of his main napping poses leaning up against me.  He woke up only when I moved to take the picture.

This was one of his main napping poses leaning up against me. He woke up only when I moved to take the picture.

I almost wanted to make a second cup of coffee and linger longer, but realized that at some point by bladder would scream (especially after coffee #2) or the cat would wake up or something.  So, I just let the moment pass.

Having one perfect moment made me think of other perfect moments.  We’ve all had them.  I’ve had a ton.  But, here are a few I recall with a smile (and sometimes a bit of laugher).

There was this one time before I dated Patrick where we were out on a “triple date” (I would like to add that I preferred to think of them as triple dates of awkwardness) with L&V and their boyfriends at the time (not their current husbands) and Patrick was my “date.”  Because our friends liked us enough to think we were perfect for eachother, but we were trying to be friends, not a couple at this point.  Anyway, we had already had several awkward situations when it was decided we should go to a beach near Patrick’s house and go stargazing (it is like 11 at night).  So, we go and spread out blankets.  And the couples are being all couple-y and Patrick and I were sitting there all like “Oh, look a star.”  In my head, I thought things couldn’t get any worse.  But, actually it turned out to be a memorable and wonderful night.  It was one of the last times we went out with these couples without epic fighting or awkwardness on their part.  We all laughed and joked as friends.  And Patrick and I took up throwing pebbles at their disgustingness.  We had a bit going that he was an alien and his space ship was going to land to take him back to the motherland.  We made up new constellations.  It was a perfect snapshot in time on a less-than-perfect adventure.

Another perfect moment that pops into my head is when we were visiting family in Ontario the summer I decided I actually wanted to go to med school (so, between first and second year university).  I love university campuses and I was especially interested in attending this particular university for medical school.  My Mom, Aunt and I went on an adventure exploring this campus, particularly the medical school/science area.  It was amazing to see my potential dreams and share it with two of my biggest supporters.  It was also just like the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory and Lorelai visit the Harvard campus.

Obligatory beside a significant building sign picture... We have 10 of these!

Obligatory beside a significant building sign picture… We have 10 of these!

I decided that I would read on that bench when I went to school there... Because it looked like a perfect reading bench.

I decided that I would read on that bench when I went to school there… Because it looked like a perfect reading bench.

The last perfect moment I will tell you about for now was the weekend we went away with our small group last Spring and went for a hike on a rather unkempt trail (normally it would be lovely, however it was before the official start of the season).  At the end of the trail, there was a lovely clearing and a small beach where we sat and talked and played catch and balance precariously on rocks.  It was one of those moments that was strangely serene, despite how noisy and chaotic we can be.IMG_1162 IMG_1173 IMG_1174

I could go on and on.  There are so many perfect moments, even amidst our flawed lives.

Let me know about one of your perfect moments! 


4 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. I have a cat who also sleeps like this….total trust in his “servants”. I had a perfect moment every morning when I was on maternity leave. My son would lay on the floor for his morning nap right in front of me and I would read with hot tea and cranberry bread snack. It was quiet, he was beautiful, the book was always great, the tea was hot and the cranberry bread was just perfect. I was so contented, and this kept me through the rest of the day that generally ran downhill 😉

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