Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

This week’s writing challenge from The Daily Post is called “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.”  It prompts writers to find a photo of someone looking truly happy, then write the truth about what was going on in the photo and what were the people thinking/doing before and after the photo was taken.

100_1365It was Christmas time again and thus, it was time for the Radiology department Christmas party wherein the radiologists take all of the staff in the department to a golf club for fancy buffet dinner (translation: eating competition), free booze (translation: drinking competition) and dancing (translation: a chance for a certain creepy physician in particular to man-handle all of the young techs).

This year was a bit different in the C, A and I had a History of Psych exam the next afternoon, but really, who needs to study when there is a chance for free food and entertainment.

The beginning of the evening was fun.  Almost all of Team Nuc Med 08 was there, minus Z, who had some sort of creative excuse.  It was rare we all hung out as a six-pack since the whole thing the year before.  Awkwardness all around from time to time.  But the core four of us were more of a gang than ever.

The five of us spent the early part of the evening laughing at the people who were already drunk while we sipped our virgin drinks and passed around History of Psych notes that were a special feature in several other of the evening’s photographs.

The boys, as usual made an eating competition out of the night, including consuming plate upon plate of mussels.  The girls and I preferred to moderate our real food and focus on dessert… Namely the cheesecake.

By the time dinner was over for everyone else and they boys slowed their pace to groans and the odd bite, we giggled through speeches about how lovely our department was and something about the students.  The Radiography folks did skits that were funnier if you worked in that part of the department.

It was getting close to dance time and we decided we should take some pictures.

At this point, A  has to leave.  Because her SO is a psycho and didn’t want her out late.  Surprise, surprise.

We were kind of okay with it, as terrible as it was.  Things were so complicated at this point.  It was nice for it to be just the four of us (and the million other people at the party).

We reminisced about the time so-and-so puked over there in the corner the year before last and how funny it is that said group of people over there were taking pictures by the tree that looked like awkward family photos.

Then it hit us… We could take awkward family photos.

In our defence, this was before the time that awkward family photos were in vogue.  I like to think we are ahead of our time.

Plus, the four of us were like a family.  Really, the six of us were like a family, but then that whole thing happened with the other two and, well, things changed a bit.  Therefore, we needed family photos.

We were playing around with the timer and such, when one of our lovely techs from our department came up and volunteered to take our photo.  We arranged ourselves to look sufficiently creepy.  We giggled a little as she staggered around and talked about how we are just like a little family with two Daddies and two Mommies or two Daddies and two daughters (and every other permutation possible), which made us start laughing.  Then, just as she was about to snap a photo she counted us out loud and asked, “Where are the other two, on a hot date?”    To which A (back right) muttered, something inappropriate (I have forgotten exact wording) to the effect that the other two had a sort of relationship that was incest and was not okay in our family.  And then he kicked his leg back… And almost knocked the Christmas tree behind us over.  We all cracked up and laughed through this picture and at least two more tries.  The photographer was oblivious to our reason for laughter and just thought we thought her joke was funny, as opposed to the inside joke and overall situation and less so what she had said.

It sounds funny that I would say we were truly happy as we laughed about some awkward comments and events.  But, I think we really were.  We had a fun night.  We were enjoying each other’s company.  And, it was just one of those moments where we were getting to be “normal” not students or people trying to save face for other people.  And honestly, the whole sequence of events was much funnier in person than I seem to be able to portray in writing without giving a bunch of backstory that is not mine to share.

We were all rather annoyed at the turning of events the year before when our class dynamics got altered by some awkward poor decisions on the part of those two.  Since that time we were still all close, but it was very much the four of us and the two of them came in and out.  It drove us crazy that it happened and we could not wrap our heads around why they avoided the rest of the class and why they did what they did.   It sounds awful, I know.  And it was.  It took us a while, but we dealt a lot by laughing about it.  And about the fact we could have been on a weird reality TV show.  So, as soon as it got brought up as a sort of joke, we all couldn’t help but laugh at how it must look to other people, like they are together because they were never with us, when in reality it was actually now quite the opposite.  We also couldn’t help but smile and laugh knowing that we were making it out the other side in one piece despite the drama around us.

We did, in the end get a good shot of the four of us.

The photographer was oblivious to the reason for our hysterics.  She just wandered off to dance and told us we were funny.

I love our faces in this picture.  We all have slightly different reactions.  Which is kind of how we dealt with the overarching situation.  And that is how I think we worked so well together.  We laughed together, but we also balanced one another out.

Later that night, we laughed about the whole thing some more and discussed how we were still the only people to actually know what happened and there were few people that even realized the divide amongst us.  We talked about how sad it was that it happened and how much we missed being a family of 6, how funny it is that people are still oblivious and how great it was that we are such a great “family.”

We then danced to bad pop music while making fun of it and the boys protected B and I from the creepy radiologist as he made his rounds.    Neither of the boys got sick, much to our surprise based on the sheer volume of food they consumed.

We were all home by 10.

We all passed our exam the next day.

The picture that resulted from the events of the evening was in our departmental graduation slideshow.  They called us the party kids because we all looked so strangely happy to be there and missed exams (unlike the other two) to go.



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