Some Song I Used To Know

Do you ever have one of those songs that annoy the pulp out of you?

It was on the radio so often that you have developed a dislike for it.  Or you never really liked it, but now it is everywhere?

I feel like some stuff gets really overplayed and that I grow to hate it when I really enjoyed it initially.

Every once in awhile, I remain in love with an overplayed song.

Does anyone remember the “Hey There Delilah” phenomenon.  Oh boy, did Patrick grow to hate that song.  And I still loved it.   That led to a few heated debates.

More recently, there was Gotoye’s “Somebody I Used To Know.”  I never actually hated the song and neither did Patrick, but the sheer volume of remixes was enough to make me want to their everyone’s synthesizers and music editing apps and smash them to bits.

One day, we were driving in Jag in the summer and we were almost back to home-home when Patrick, getting frustrated with the heat in the car and the driving (this was when Jag’s air conditioning opted to work on a random basis, usually at half power after hitting a random bump and then shutting off again) demanded to hear something he knows.  I thought he demanded specifically “Somebody I Used to Know,” which I thought was strange, but I found it on the iPod.  He got all confused because he didn’t know we had that song.  I got all confused because he demanded it. Then, we belted along with the chorus and figured out where the misunderstanding came from.

I saw this video awhile ago.  It kind of fits my feelings on the song… Except I like it.  But it was overplayed.  And most people really don’t know any of the words but the chorus.  I showed it to Patrick last night because he apparently missed out on it when it went viral.  You might have too, so here it is for a laugh.  It is worth the 5 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Some Song I Used To Know

  1. Oh yes, I remember the Hey There Delilah song! My husband hated it as well and everything about her sappy love songs “show.” I loved it! I am saddened that we no longer get Delilah and that my favorite radio station dropped her due to a drop in viewers listening.

    By the way, the picture of the owl in my header image on my blog was taken by Delilah. She posted it on FB one day and it was just what I was looking for. I wrote her for permission to use it and she said sure, to go right ahead! LOL.

    • Oh, radio Delilah. They used to play radio Delilah on a station in my home town too. It started around 9pm and I loved to mock her sultry voice and sappy statements. I was crushed when she disappeared from our airwaves.

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