Weekly Photo (phoneography) Challenge: My Neighbourhood

It is phoneography month.  I use my phone to take pictures rather often because, well, it is with me… So, I was thrilled to see that this week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is one specifically for your phone photos of your neighbourhood.

We haven’t lived in our current place for even a year, but I have managed to scrounge up a neighbourhood picture from every season and more!

When we came to town in the Spring to apartment hunt.  These are some anchors outside a museum all about maritime history…  I call it the boat museum.  We went in and explored the museum because they had a giant Titanic feature last year.  Patrick loves the Titanic and thus, he loved the museum.IMG_0219

In the summer, we only lived in town for a month in a bit before going back to home-home for a few rotations, nonetheless, we took a few pictures at the waterfront.IMG_3599 IMG_3629


In the Fall, I took this shot on my walk home from work… It captures my obsession with the Fall leaves nicely.  I loved this stretch because although it was up hill, I got to crunch through leaves.IMG_0388 IMG_0389

In the Winter, it has often been too frosty for me to walk and haul my phone out for a picture, but I did get this picture of a civic landmark and historic site on a nice day this past January.IMG_0466




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