Feels Like Home To Me

Patrick and I had our first small group session with our new small group from our new church in our new city tonight.

I was a bit nervous going in because we were so attached to our old small group and I still miss them terribly, so it was strange thinking about going to a new group.  Plus, new people scare me a little.

It was actually a good time.  We ate butter chicken.  Any small group that feeds me with food-food before feeding me spiritually is always a win in my books.  They are good people.  I think we will fit in well.  I am glad.  I like having a community.

It is another step in calling this place home and really feeling like it actually is.

That and my parents finally visited us.  And it was a surprise last-minute visit.  And I drove here with them from home-home.  And the house was in a STATE.  That was embarrassing.  It is good they love me.  And apparently, love Jeter too (they even bought him a new feather on a stick and treats in my on-call absence).  The Child and I took them out for a lunch/coffee excursion when I was post-call before they left.  It was so nice to have them here.

Another step in calling this place home was the weekend before last.  We had visitors from home-home, a visitor from a few towns over (and a buddy from university) and our newly local friends all at our home at the same time.  I love hosting people and this was a perfect way to finally feel settled and enjoy a ton of good company.

We started the day off with a giant brunch.  I took a picture just like Patrick’s grandmother would before we all ate.  Jeter took my spot while I played photographer.IMG_0554


We explored downtown over the afternoon, went out to supper and then had an evening of Wii.  Particularly, Mario Kart.IMG_0556 IMG_0557

The next day, we taught my lovely friend, L to skate… Or at least we tried.IMG_0565 IMG_0566

All of these visitors and new friends and such… They make it homey.  I am glad.  Although, I still enjoy a good visit home-home.  And I still want to go visit the Rock and those people again.

4 thoughts on “Feels Like Home To Me

  1. I’ve never seen one of those “cheater” things your friend is pushing learning to skate. I would have LOVED to have one of those the last time I went skating. God is good. Being part of a community of believers you can connect with is such a source of encouragement. Can’t imagine living somewhere and not being able to find one. that would be tough.

    • The “cheater” things are cool. I learned to skate old school style with a plastic chair.
      I can’t imagine living somewhere without that community either. It was tough when we first moved here not really knowing anyone, so it is awesome to finally get established in this way.

  2. Im so glad you found a group! There is nothing better than being able to share friendship and “spiritship” together. And you made me smile–isn’t it odd how one can be two personalities depending on “who you are”? As a nurse at work, I am outgoing and a little nutty. At home or socially with people I don’t know well I am quiet and a little introverted. God has made us with amazing and complex personalities! You sound like you had a lovely time!

    • I am glad we found a group too! It was a lovely time.
      It is funny how where you are impacts your personality. I am definitely more outgoing and odd when I am with people I am comfortable with. And when I am in new situations, I can be really shy… Except if it is clinical… Then I am outgoing again, sort of… Funny how that works. God is very crafty!

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