All Things Green, Patricky or Snake-ish… A St. Patrick’s Day Post

Today is Patrick’s favourite day… St. Patrick’s day… Or as he was calling it today on Facebook, “St. Me Day.”

I would like to point out that I dug out a green sweater to wear today (that and it was a warm sweater and it is often cold in church).  I feel like that is leading me to embrace some of the Irish culture I married in to.  I would also like to point out that my very Irish husband is not wearing green, but teal… A color that is more akin to blue in my opinion, although I will give him the green undertones thing.

For more green fun, I have a friend who made green pancakes today.  And apparently some folks dyed a Chicago river green (that, my friends, is a lot of food colouring).

Our cake looked like this before it baked… Except slightly darker… And much darker on the way out. Image via

Speaking of food colouring… Once, when I was 11 or 12, my friend V and I were at her house and decided to bake a cake from scratch.  So, we found a recipe for a white cake.  But, we thought said white cake would be more fun if it were not white.  So, we dyed it my favourite colour at the time, green.  Except we got a bit keen on the food colouring, so it turned out to be a really, really dark green… Like garbage bag coloured.  Then, she picked her favourite colour for the icing… Pink.  We were scared of it turning red, so we were so easy on the red food colouring it was a flesh-tone sort of pink.  We presented it to her parents after supper and could not figure out why they weren’t super game on eating it.  As I recall, it looked disgusting.  And I don’t even like white cake that much, but I thought it was pretty good.

For some Irish flair to today’s post, I present to you the “Leprachaun Brothers” singing “O Danny Boy.”  You just have to love the Muppets!

This little diddy made me laugh through all kinds of tough times (well, Patrick finding it on YouTube and playing it for me did).  One of my med school friends and I used to sing this at times each taking one of the characters and doing the harmonies.  Sometimes it was sporadic, but other times it was brought on by this hymn we sang in choir at the palliative care memorial services that was to the same tune.

In other St. Patrick’s day related stuff, he apparently drove snakes out of Ireland.  I just thought I would take this random post full of unrelated stuff to share about how I watched a snake hunter show the morning of my wedding with my parents in their bed at 6am.  And my mother, who is terrified of snakes freaked out repeatedly.  What a way to spend some of my last hours of single-ness.

We had a friend in high school who had a pet snake.  I wanted to borrow it sometime.  She assured us the only time it bit was if you happened to smell like a mouse.  Pro-tip… Don’t ever smell like mouse in the presence of a snake.

Lastly, the name Patrick makes me think of two things besides my husband… And neither of them are the day.  Both are commercials from the 90s.  One is a life insurance commercial in which a son (Patrick) calls up his Dad to report he took out life insurance.  We always used to quote this line, “Patrick took out life insurance!  Good for you, son!” at Patrick when we first met him.  The other is a Canadian Heritage moment about how we got some good Irish names. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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