The Cat’s In the Bag

Jeter is ridiculous.  I am pretty sure people have had wind of that.

He has a strange obsession with bags.  Especially the reusable grocery bags.  He likes to dive in them and chew holes in them.  So far, he has taken down two bags… One of which we can’t return for a replacement for free.  And the one we can try to trade in is so mangled we are unsure if we can justify it.

Although I have now begun to protect the bags fervently, he still tries to snatch them.  Particularly when we get home with groceries.  First, he finds the meat.  Once that is away, it is all about diving in bags.  It is kind of bizarre, but entertaining to watch.IMG_0510 IMG_0519


The biggest bright side to his bag obsession is that while he is diving in bags, he can’t be climbing into cupboards. That and it makes me laugh… So long as my bag remains intact.


8 thoughts on “The Cat’s In the Bag

  1. Cats are so funny! They are curious about everything. Did you know cats have at least 1000 sounds they make and dogs only have around 10? Also the most important sounds they make are for their beloved owners! Cats love boxes. If you put one out for Jeter I guarantee he will jump in it, play in it and maybe sleep in it!

    • I did not know that. But, with the sheer volume of noises Jeter makes leads me to believe that!
      He does like boxes, but prefers bags hands down. We had a box for him when we first got him and he wasn’t huge on it. My theory is because they are more difficult to shred to bits, but really I don’t know. He does still play with them, though.

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