Childhood throwbacks

I have just started reliving my childhood.

I downloaded the new Tamagotchi app.  It is free and I am that cool.

Image from

I actually never had a Tamacotchi as a kid.  I had friends who had them and like all pets, I found them fascinating.  I really wanted one.  But I never told my parents I did.  Because I thought they would think it was foolish, kind of like a pet.  Plus, they were expensive to me, so it seemed silly to buy one.  So, I played with my friends’ Tamagotchis and occasionally babysat them on weekends.

Even into adulthood, I have found the whole electronic pet thing fascinating, although now I have a real pet and they are a lot of work, but also a ton of fun.  So, when I saw that the app was coming out, I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl.  So, I am currently taking care of my very own Tamagotchi.  Sweetness.  I am sure it will die as soon as I go back to work, although I see it as a challenge of sorts.  Plus,  it presently is a distraction from the reading I should be doing (in my defence, I did finish the presentation and cleaning I needed to do this weekend).

In other childhood throwbacks, I was out shopping with the Child this morning and besides doing adult things like buying curtains and socks (though one pair of socks may or may not have had owls on them), I did buy a cheap bow for my hair.  Bows are in.  The fact that I will wear it probably makes me more of a  hipster somehow, but I don’t care.  And it was a bargain.

Further to the childhood throwbacks, earlier this afternoon, this song was on…

It was super cool at some point in my childhood and I grew to hate it although now it gives me the warm and fuzzies remembering going out for drives with my parents.

Tonight, the Child and her spouse will come over for some wii, particularly our favourite Super Mario Brother throwback.

Image from

Clearly, I am all about going back to childhood today.  It was a rough week.  Sometimes you just need to go back in time a bit and have some fun and a few laughs at what was once cool (or is cool again).


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