A Soundtrack To My Day

I was just puzzling about what to write about today.  I was pretty stumped, but I decided to make a track list to go with my day.

I actually woke up pretty awake (a miracle of sorts after a day/night of call) and I always have something playing when I get ready in the morning, one of the picks this morning was this classic from a mixed CD the Child made years ago called “Confusion Girl” by Frankmusik.

At work, we start of the day at 6:30 with morning rounds seeing each of the patients and sorting out plans for the day.  Today was one of those mornings where all of our plans were surprises to deal with things that had cropped up overnight or on assessments that morning.  Sometimes it feels like you are bargaining when it comes to things like getting up and around or making plans for going home and such… Thus, the song “Meet Me Halfway” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Today was an OR day. Our first case went smoothly, but our second case was one of those cases where a major complication that is rare just happened to occur.  As a result, the OR was organized chaos that, at one point involved me crawling on the floor (originally scrubbed in) to unbury the patient’s arms so we could get better IV access and an arterial line in place.  It actually kind of resembled a scene from Grey’s Anatomy… One of the few moments that kind of craziness actually happens.  On the bright side everything turned out fine!  The song… “How To Save a Life” by The Fray.

It took awhile to get things organized between cases.  I hate waiting between cases because once I have eaten and run the few urgent errands on the floor, it is better to just get on with things.  Especially because the person I work with likes to hover in the OR before things are even set up.  It makes me feel in the way, plus it is hard on the feet.  All of the hovering, though, makes me think of the She & Him song “Lingering Still.” 

The elevators in the hospital are old and sketchy and intermittently go to floors you don’t want them to, the doors sometimes don’t open and at times you get stuck waiting forever both on and off the elevator.  I avoid them because I claim stair people are more friendly and more efficient.  Today, though, I had to opt for the elevator to avoid climbing the 11 flights of stairs between the lobby and the OR, which consistently brings me to a particular Taylor Swift Song, “Ours.”

Today was my last full OR day and I am so pumped about that… I am looking forward to moving on to something not surgical but still related to my future career.  My feet are probably more excited than the rest of me.  I keep trying to enjoy the place I am at right now, but I keep looking forward to things to come as if they will be better.  I will point towards “Paradise” by Coldplay as a song to describe those moments.

I got out of work at a decent hour (5:30), which is always wicked awesome.   Brought me back to the song “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton.  Except I work 6:30-5:30, but that is kind of close… Okay, not so much.

Tonight was one of those delightful evenings where I got to make supper for my husband and go out with the Child for a Starbucks/Indigo date.  I thought of the Caedmon’s Call song “Table for Two.”

I am lucky enough to go home to a husband who loves me and a cat who is insane loves me.  I get to sit on the couch, write and enjoy their company.  It helps me to realize how lucky I am to have them… Thus, this Meiko song “How Lucky We Are.”

Just for cheesiness and the fact that it is truly a great song, my last pick of the night will be “Life is a Song” by Patrick Park.  Because I can relate everything to a song and I like it that way.

What songs remind you of your day today? 


Please, share your thoughts!

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