Today’s daily prompt from the Daily Post is entitled “Imperfection.”  The prompt asks for an imperfection you cherish.

I fear imperfection and yet I embrace it.

It is funny how we tend to strive for perfection.  I worry about doing everything right.  I want my apartment to be perfect, I want my work to be perfect, I want my marriage to be perfect.  We want and we strive.

That is great, but not always realistic.

We all have limits.  We are imperfect.

The only person who is perfect is God.

I think that is what I love.  I love that we are flawed in some ways.  It makes us charming and unique.

The old house with the creaky stairs and funny wall paper has character.  The way Patrick mixes up song lyrics and tunes is funny.  The scars we collect over time have great stories behind them and show how we have grown and changed and survived. My cat that someone else lost or did not want who bites but never scratches is a funny little imperfection I wouldn’t trade for the world.

The little imperfections are sometimes some of the best things.

I dislike most of my own imperfections.  I think that is how we are programmed.  I hate that I am accident prone, that I have some dysgraphia going on, that I can’t rhyme, that I am a perfectionist and that I have acne scars.

I do like that my imperfections make me who I am.  I generally wouldn’t trade them in.

If I had to pick one imperfection in myself that I cherish, I don’t know what I would choose.

If I had to pick one overall, I guess I would pick the cat.  Because as odd and anomalous as he is, I really do like him.IMG_0394

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