Crick in the neck and Earworms

We had a fantastic weekend at home.

I, just before leaving moved my head wrong while yawning and now am having epic right sided neck spasms that have rendered me incapable of moving my head in very may directions and in a surprising amount of pain.  Quite surprising, in fact.

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I couldn’t help drive home.  I am bitter because I had things I wanted to get done, but I am stuck sitting on the couch staring straight ahead because everything makes me move my head and right now stretching things out and doing passive range of motion is not an option.  And I am back to work tomorrow (hooray for days off with sunshine).

I actually had a blog topic to write about too… But it feels too touchy feely to actually take the time to write about today.  I don’t think I am there yet.  I know things seem to be superficial and light and fluffy lately, but that is where I feel the writing needs to be at this point to feel okay about things.

Today’s prompt with the Daily Post is entitled “Earworm” and asks what song is stuck in your head or on repeat these days?  I like prompts on days when I don’t feel like writing about what I have been thinking about.  They help.

It is funny.  Our cat had ear mites when we got him.  A lot of ear mites.  So, not when I hear earworm, I think of his poor ears when they were full of mites and needing drops.

Back to music and figurative earworms…

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First of all, Patrick and I have had a vast discussion about how almost every song Taylor Swift has put out recently has been as annoying as all get out.  The most recent release is okay, but the last few have been dreadful.  Some people should just not try to be pop stars (okay, almost all).  And it seems that whenever we are going somewhere or doing something, the song “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” comes on and gets stuck in one of our heads and we then suck the other one in to our misery.

The irritating songs are the true earworms because they seem to eat away at you musically.

I will not add a clip of a YouTube video from the true earworm that is the aforementioned song.

A song that has been on repeat a lot for me in my head and on my iPhone and on the radio is “Carry On” by Fun. For the right reasons, too.  I think I like it because it has been a rough few weeks for me, so it has some sort of deeper emo meaning, but also it is strangely uplifiting too.

That one I will let you listen to, if you choose.

What are some of your earworms of the good variety or the brain sucking variety?


6 thoughts on “Crick in the neck and Earworms

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  3. Im so sorry you are injured. Do you think you have a subluxation as well or just muscle strain? I have used flexeril with great success, but so sedating! Hope it loosens up soon. Im trying to listen to mainly Christian music right now, so any songs that get stuck are a blessing….. 🙂

    • Only listening to Christian music would help with the earworm phenomena (at least the negative one).
      I am not sure what is going on up there… I have never had any kind of neck strain or pain before. I presume it is just muscle pain, but who knows? One of my fellow residents hooked me up with some Cyclobenzoprene, which I am now taking in combination with tylenol and advil for some slight relief. I actually don’t find it too sedating. At least I know it should be short lived.

      • I take Cyclo for my fibromyalgia at night and it is great stuff for muscle spasms and twitching during sleep! I sure hope it goes away soon, being as physically busy as you are must be hard when you cant move your neck. I have had that happen a few times so I can certainly sympathize!

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