Top Ten Topics That Make Me Pick Up/Buy a Book

One of the only stores I can go to when I am in any mood and happily browse (and likely buy something) is a book store.  I otherwise not a huge shopping fan unless I am in a certain mood. 

This week’s top ten Tuesday list with the Broke and the Bookish is a list of the topics that will make me pick up or buy a book. 

  1. Music.  I am not a huge fan of reading the story of every band that has come to be, but I do love a good story behind a song or a well-writen non-fiction about some group on the music scene.  I even secretly love books with music theory/science in them.  I also love any book that is written with a plot line around musicians…
  2. Cancer.  I know, it sounds morbid, but I love my job and I want to learn everything and anything real or imagined about the disease I am learning how to treat. 
  3. Medicine in general.  I must qualify this… I do like textbooks.  I do hate self-help books.  I love fiction based around medicine so long as it has some sort of ties to reality… If it gets too outlandish in the back cover summary, I will put that sucker down.
  4. “Classics.”  If someone or something tells me a book is a classic in any sense of the world, I get an overwhelming urge to read it… Even when it sounds dreadful.  I think it might be the overachiever or the academic in me that makes me think they consistently sound like a good idea.  If generations of people love the book, then I should too.
  5. Quirky or odd characters.  I am a bit on the unique side and there is something about a character that is considered strange that makes me already relate to them on some level.
  6. Friendship.  I am lucky enough to have a few life-long best friends and many quasi-siblings.  I seem to collect oddities wherever I go.  Therefore, I love a good book about friendships.
  7. Places I have been.  I love reading about places I have not been, but I find it extra fascinating when books are written in places I am familiar with so that I can say “I was there!”
  8. Places I want to go.  This is not a given.  I don’t pick up every book set in or about every place I want to go.  But, it does peak my attention enough to look into it.  Sometimes it can be a swaying factor if I am on the fence.
  9. Books based around actual events.  For instance, The Book Thief or The Help.  I think it is cool when books are happening during times or eras we hear about all the time.
  10. Books involving random challenges… People who do unusual things and write about it.  Like AJ Jacobs or Julie Powell. 

In contrast to these… Almost any book that is labeled as a sizzling romance or as scary is likely to send me for the hills.

What are some topics that draw you in to a book?  What about topics that almost always stop you from buying a book?


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Topics That Make Me Pick Up/Buy a Book

  1. I enjoy strong female characters, so those types draw me to books. Also, I agree with your events one- The Help was a first for me and I’m looking into more period pieces that are just of the 18th century

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