Stereotypically city

I have been joking that I am becoming a true member of our new city we live in.  It is kind of funny because up until a few years ago when I started the whole medicine thing, this city was a place Patrick swore he didn’t want to live in.  However, it was one of the smallest places I can do my residency in.  And one of the closest to home.  That helps things feel better.

This week I did a few things that I consider stereotypical based on what I see.

I took the bus.  A greener mode of transportation.

We went on a field trip to one of the biggest tourist spots locally.  A veritable must-see if we are in the area.

We walk everywhere we can.  To a pub for supper, to a coffee shop to study, to the gym to work out, to church and to explore.

I walked home from work after getting off strangely early.  On the way, I stopped at Pete’s Frootique, a local grocery store that is rather popular.  It sells delicious fresh produce, but also hosts some organic baked goods and lots of fresh meat.  I bought steak, organic bread sticks and organic eggplant (organic is key… very trendy in these parts).  I then got a smoothie and walked the rest of the way home to make a BBQ for myself and the spouse.  It seems like something people around here tend to do.  It is a very “hipster” thing to do.  The only criminal thing I did was that I did not have a reusable bag and had to get plastic for my items.

The Child and I went to a Crafter’s Fair this weekend where I bought a locally made tray (conveniently from a member of my small group).  Stuff like markets and fairs featuring local, organic or unique things are very trendy here (I know, they are probably cool everywhere, but it is particularly noticeable here).

Crafter's Fair

Patrick went on a field trip to free comic book day at a comic book store just down the road.

We walked to what was called one of the “best” ice cream places in town for a frozen treat and then ate it in the park (okay, that is more a Springish thing to do in any city).IMG_0597

I feel like the only big things left are to ride a bike around town (not likely, I feel my biking skills are not compatible with riding safely on streets) and ride the harbour hopper (I know there is much more).

While trying to be all “local,” I have spotted some interesting things.

Last week, I saw two guys carrying a couch over their heads down a busy street.  They greeted me as they walked by.  Probably because I was staring and considering whipping out my phone to get a picture.

Today, while on our Saturday morning adventures, the Child and I saw a storm trooper walking down the street.  He was somewhat terrifying as he crossed the street in front of us.  She managed to snap a picture.

Yes, Child I stole your photo from Facebook.

Yes, Child I stole your photo from Facebook.

Almost a year in and still settling, but I am glad I can get some good entertainment from the experiences.  I may make fun of it by times, but I am liking the new lifestyle and the locale.

6 thoughts on “Stereotypically city

      • Hal-Con must have been last week! I knew it was around now. It’s a science fiction/fantasy conference that pulls in some pretty big names, and I’m told there is some serious competition in who can show up with the best costume.

      • It wasn’t Hal-Con. It was May the 5th be with you and free comic book day.
        Patrick is pumped for Hal-Con… It is in the Fall.

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