Medicine Does Make My “Real” Life Better

I realized this morning that it is Medical Monday (aka the first Monday of the month where medically affiliated bloggers all link up… Check out other superb medical sorts of posts by clicking the image below).  I was stumped as to what to write about.  That was until I was unpacking groceries with Patrick following tonight’s Costco/Superstore run where I was proudly admiring my purchase of a giant bottle of a generic medication for the price of a bottle 1/3 the size of the brand name.

My evening topic is a list of things being in medicine has made easier or better in my “real” (outside medicine) life.

  • To start off, learning the key fact that generic is often equivalent to name brand when it comes to medications.  I know this is a known fact, but I also know that many people hone towards Reactine because their doctor used the brand name when any certrizine will do.  As a result, you can sometimes save a small fortune if you check labels and formulations.  Most savvy shoppers know this.  I feel like medicine confirmed it and made me more stubborn about it.
  • Everything can kill you.  Everything.  And thus everything is okay in moderation (okay, maybe not hard drugs or cigarettes… I mean food and such).
  • We have avoided a ton of trips to the after hours clinic or ER for sprains, strains and lacerations, as well as colds and flus that didn’t really require attention.  Sometimes, I have managed things that probably should have had attention (not that it is particularly recommended… refer to this post regarding my attempt to glue my own laceration together).
  • I get to pretend to speak a secret language and occasionally when playing board games, particularly those with trivia that is medical in nature or word games, the random medical terminology becomes a secret weapon.
  • Sometimes it makes watching medical TV shows more interesting.
  • Sometimes it makes watching medical TV shows more hilarious in a “that is obviously wrong” kind of way.
  • Learning how to staple in the OR helped me to be able to staple the fabric effectively when the Child and I recovered a bench in our apartment.
  • Cutting raw meat is very similar to cutting flesh.  Learning about how lines of tension form in the skin helped me to more efficiently cut up meat when cooking.
  • I have a bigger appreciation for life and time with family and friends.
  • Sometimes I wonder if my birth control advice has singlehandedly prevented pregnancy in a few of my friends (it sounds cocky, but if you only knew the number of times I had to provide direction on the matter you would not believe!).
  • When I want to get out of something, I can almost always say I will probably be working and it is almost always actually true.
  • I am skeptical of almost every health and diet trend.  If you can’t show me an RCT or at least strong epidemiologic data, I am not jumping on the bandwagon.  It has saved lots of money and stupidity.
  • Very little grosses me out any more.  Except chunks at the bottom of the sink.  And phlegm.  Those never get old.  I can fearlessly clean almost anything else.
  • I am exceedingly grateful for simple things like getting off before 5, having a full weekend off or even eating lunch at lunch time.  These were things I didn’t necessarily appreciate before.
  • For a sappy closing note, my job is fulfilling and I am constantly learning, which makes me content everywhere else in life.

What are some of the things medicine as made easier or better in your “real” aka outside medicine life?


6 thoughts on “Medicine Does Make My “Real” Life Better

  1. Thanks for linking up at Medical Mondays today. I love this post! I am curious now about the birth control advice – sounds scandalous:-)

    • Thanks for checking my post out!
      The birth control advice is definitely not scandalous. At least not always. Often times it is as simple as me remembering and pointing out what the package insert says or advising around missed pills.

  2. What have I learned in medicine that has made my “real” life better? Well, I’ve learned that surgical tape can indeed hold a house together and crazy glue is better than a band aid. 😉
    Great post! Thank you for linking up with us for Medical Monday!

  3. LOL I love the one “Nothing grosses me out except chunks at the bottom of the sink and phlegm” Obviously, phlegm doesn’t get to me, but omg why are those chunks so disgusting?! I don’t understand why I can deal with blood, gore, and guts, but not sink chunkys *gags*

    Thanks for linking up with us girl!!
    Much love, Heather@ The Life Unexpected

    • “Obviously, phlegm doesn’t get to me.” That is why you are amazing.
      It is a mystery why sink chunks are so horrendous. My husband doesn’t mind them so much, though, which is completely bizarre given he gets disgusted when I even talk about work.

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