This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is called “Pattern.”  They seek out photos of, well, patterns.

It is probably going to seem a bit odd to you, but photos are not the first things I think of when I think pattern.  Or really the second.  Sure, I take pictures of pretty patterns or designs when I see them, but I feel like that isn’t my first thought.

When I think pattern, I think pattern recognition.

Medicine is full of pattern recognition.  I do not eat, sleep and breathe exclusively medicine (except when I am on call sometimes), but they appear everywhere and they are SO ENGRAINED in me that I can’t help but notice them.  Sequences of symptoms, for instance the high fevers for days followed by a constellation of peeling fingers and toes, red eyes, red lips and such that make up Kawasaki disease (I totally had that case on Grey’s a few weeks ago figured out before the intro was over).  They way cancers tend to spread in a certain way by a certain route.  The way pregnancies progress.  Rashes (I hate rashes).  They are patterns to me.

But patterns aren’t just medicine to me.

Patterns are music.  Chord progressions follow patterns.  Some people like to recycle chord progressions (there are only so many options, after all).  I remember things to music better because I find it easier to recognize the sound differences.  When I was younger, I studied Aural Training, which is basically training one’s ear to recognize spaces between notes, chords and that good stuff.  I taught it when I got older and I liked to see it as pattern recognition.  If you recognize the pattern from one place, you can often apply it to another.

Patterns are knitting and sewing and creating things.

But patterns are also visual.  And since this is a photo challenge, I suppose I will get to that bit.

I took these pictures at the Vatican when we were visiting Rome.  The place was beautiful and epic and there was art everywhere you looked.  Even up and down.


8 thoughts on “Pattern

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  2. Those photos are very impressive!

    I agree that pattern recognition is a very important part of medicine. (Veterinary medicine too).

    • It was an impressive building to say the least!
      I can imagine pattern recognition must be huge in veterinary medicine. Especially when the creature can’t really come out and say what exactly is wrong.

  3. Oh so true, Patterns are everywhere, I never thought of medicine or patterns are for the ears. Thank you. Your photos are a delight to the eye… One day I hope to see this wonder in person.

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