Mothers’ Day

It is Mothers’ Day.  Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the Moms and Mom-like people out there.

Thus, all over Facebook and WordPress, I see cheesy odes to mothers, changed profile pictures and all of that good stuff.

I was pretty excited when the pastor at church wished everyone a happy Mothers’ Day and then moved on say he was going to continue on with our current series because the focus should be on Jesus and that can strengthen Moms (and everyone else).

Just so you know, I love my mother.   I am grateful for her.  I don’t need a holiday to say it.  But there you go.  My Mom is awesome.

I think it is great we honor mothers.  They are the unsung heroes of many families.  Superheroes of sorts (refer to song below).

I do think that we are taken advantage of by the commercialism we live in.  Clearly, I am also a conspiracy theorist.  But realistically, why do we expect so much on a made up day?  We need to be grateful more often than not.  That being said, it is great to have a designated time to say thanks… As a reminder.

Plus there is another side to this story.

Mothers’ day is not always a happy day like people make it out to be.  It is actually a day when a lot of people are hurting.  People who want to have children and for whatever reason have been unable to.  Those who are being put through lengthy adoption processes.  People who have had miscarriages or children who died.  People who have been estranged from their mothers or children.  Those who have a mom who died.  Sometimes it can be a day that brings back all sorts of hurt or loss.

I don’t think we need to stop our hoopla for fear of upsetting someone (because then nobody would be able to do anything ever), but I do think we need to be mindful of the unique circumstances of others.  That sometimes this is not an overly happy day or that it is a mixed feelings day.  And that some aspects of life just go on as normal.

I am grateful to have a Mother who loves me and who I get to see on a regular basis.  I am glad that my grandmothers (as “interesting” as they are) are still around.  I am fortunate enough to have a number of mom figures in my life.  I have no children, but I want them, but I have been lucky enough to not experience the loss of a child.  I am thankful that Mothers’ Day is a positive happy day for me and for much of my family.

Check out these articles about Mothers’ day for people who may not find it quite so happy: “Treasuring God After My Miscarriage” (, “When Mothers’ Day Is Hard” (, “Mothers Day and Mixed Emotions” (

5 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day

  1. I missed church because I had an exam. We did have a special Mother’s Day message, but apparently it wasn’t too frilly and was actually pretty hard-hitting, so perhaps I will download it.

    Interestingly, I was at a work meeting today in which three of us all admitted that we sometimes avoid church on Mother’s Day. The other two women are childless women past childbearing age who just don’t enjoy feeling left out. Oh, and we all work at a church!

    • That is exciting that it wasn’t too frilly. I think a well done not frilly Mothers day themed message is okay, if it is practical for most people and pointing back to Jesus.
      I can see where they feel left out. I have heard that from others. It is definitely something we need to be mindful of.

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