Some videographic awesomeness.

I watched a fantastic video fundraising for the children’s hospital in the place where I went to med school.  It is pretty awesome because I actually know of a few people in the video.  Plus, it is kids writing a song.  What more is there to love.  Watching the full 9 minutes is key.  Or just the last 4-5ish.  

Because of this fabulous video, I figured, why not share a few of the other great things I have been entertaining myself with lately.

I have developed a new love for Jimmy Fallon.  Last week, the Child texted me in the middle of small group to inform me that I needed to watch this.  Basically anyone who takes lip syncing and makes it into a competition is my hero.  This may be because when we were younger (and by younger I don’t mean socially acceptably younger, I mean late teens and early twenties younger) we used to play a game where we would pop in headphones and belt along with whatever is playing on the disc man or walkman (archaic music listening devices were key) in front of each other.  Kind of lip syncing, but more embarrassing.  They are better at it than we were.

The Child also introduced me to the Vlog Brothers.  Clearly you can tell who my bad/good internet influence is.  These guys are priceless.  

This sums up my life.

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