Finishing Family

Yesterday was my last Family Medicine call day.

Since I am doing Emergency Medicine next, that also means it is my last call day of first year residency.

I consider that a pretty big milestone.

This is one of those rotations I am happy to be almost finished.  There is nothing particularly bad about it, but it is not my favourite either.   A weird in-between that leaves me satisfied at the end of the day but not wanting to go back the next.  And in 2.5 days, I won’t have to because I will be moving on… Yet again.

It isn’t that I don’t like family medicine.  I quite enjoyed it in med school and it is okay now.  I like the puzzle solving and well baby checkups and such.  I do have to admit, that sometimes I find it frustrating to see the number of people who call in while we are on-call or come in with complaints that don’t at all require medical attention.  I am not expecting people to be doctors here, but sometimes coming in for a day of sore throat, or calling at 11pm about a shoulder that has been sore for years (when they could just book an appointment the next day) is not the best use of resources.  I feel like it is not my place to say that, but it blows my mind how common sense is not always common.  That not everyone realizes that going to the GP is going to fix all their problems instantly.

The same thing happens in every field of medicine, but I feel like family doctors get a lot more of the crappy end of the stick for that kind of stuff.  They also get the good things like preventative care and long-term relationships with patients that some other fields miss out on.  I think family docs are awesome.  They sort out all kinds of things from personal issues to complex medical problems and educate people along the way.  It is a pretty cool medical specialty.  Especially if you love variety.   But, my month there has affirmed that I don’t think I would want to be a generalist long term.  I very much like my little niche.

The clinic I work in reminds me a bit of Big Brother.  The TV show with all the cameras.  It is how they teach.  They watch and listen to us during visits so we can get feedback and such  It is way less awkward than having someone right there over your shoulder.  It is, however, still a bit odd to know your every move is being watched.  Especially on those days and moments you do or say something stupid.  I haven’t quite experienced something quite like that before.

I have never really liked reality TV, so I guess living my own mini-version isn’t my cup of tea either.

My season finale is coming up soon though.  And I am very okay with that.


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