Dumb ways to die (or not)

Since it was my first day in Emerg and I managed to not kill someone (it is disturbing how this never ceases to excite me, even though I realistically would never kill someone, the fear exists), but did hear of some people being injured in strange ways, I figured I would show this lovely video the Child sent to me earlier today.  Clearly everyone should watch a cheerful, animated video about dumb ways to die. 

It is amazing the stuff that people do to themselves, or allow others to do.   I remember being around when a person came into the emergency department with a beer bottle stuck on, well, a piece of his anatomy the beer bottle shouldn’t have been near.  I saw a girl who swallowed to magnets because they were using them as fake lip rings, but weren’t allowed to do that, so she “hid the evidence.”  And a guy who burnt himself when trying to jump over a campfire.

Why do people do those things?

But, thus brings up the question, why do I do stupid things?  To make myself feel better, I like to tell myself, at least they aren’t as stupid as some of the things other people do.  Such is human nature, to compare ourselves to others.  But really, I think everyone does a few stupid things.  Maybe not at the dumb ways to die or epic story that will live forever way… But at least in the, “gosh, that could have turned out badly” way.

Clearly natural selection isn’t always all it is cracked up to be.

3 thoughts on “Dumb ways to die (or not)

  1. Ha! Your last line totally cracked me up. A friend on facebook posted this video a few months ago and my husband and two oldest kids love it – our youngest is terrified of it, even the song! Now I shall probably have it in my head all day!

    • I love that it cracked you up. I also find it hilarious that your youngest is terrified of it. It probably would have stressed me out as a little kid (I probably would have figured out all of the ways I could die in the song and then worry about my impending death). It is super catchy, though. I quite like it.

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