Some random tidbits

I don’t know what to write about it… So, boys and girls, it is time for random tidbits from my week for your reading pleasure.

Patrick got me these lovely purple-pink carnations for my birthday.  He then looked up carnations online and discovered that they are toxic to cats if they eat them and can even apparently cause a skin condition if they touch them.  Now said beautiful carnations are kept in the spare room with the door closed.  They are nice.  I wish I could enjoy them more.

I worked at 4am yesterday and the doctor I was working with asked me if I wanted a stimulant.  I looked at him confused and stared blankly.  He took that as a yes and returned with a coffee.  Suddenly it all made sense to me.

Today, at Costco, I was looking for a new pair of pants for exercise.  I saw some fantastic looking ones and found “my size.”  I then unfolded them and realized they looked like they would fit my arm.  I stood there puzzled for a few seconds, then realized they were girls’ pants.  Oh, fail.

I was tired of hitting skip on my iPod while exercising, so I finally caved and made a gym playlist.   I realized my workout playlist is as eclectic as my everyday playlist.  It contains everything from Katy Perry to The Wedding and Journey to Hey Rosetta.  I am so excited about it!

I have an overwhelming urge to put “PGY1” after I sign my name… No matter where or for what.  Problem is that it will change to “PGY2” soon and I really don’t need that bit in most of life.

I talk in my sleep.  Patrick likes to listen and then report to me what I have said.  Thankfully, I generally make no sense.

Patrick and I had a bet that we came up with a few months ago.  They are building a hotel just across the street from our apartment and we were having a debate about when it would be finished.  Patrick believed that at the rate they were going, it would be opening by the end of summer.  I thought it would be longer, sometime after mid-September.  If I won, he had to be in charge of making or choosing supper for a week.  If he won, we would go to dinner and a movie of his choice.  Then, I saw a “coming soon” sign.  Turns out, it isn’t opening until Spring 2014.  I guess we were both kind of wrong.  Although, I kind of want to point out I was more right.

I went to McDonalds a few weeks ago and asked if they could make me a decaf iced coffee.  The girl said they don’t officially have it (I can’t understand why… It is ice and coffee.), but that she would make me one.  I guess the issue is that they don’t have cold decaf.  But, she added extra ice before and after she poured the coffee and it worked and didn’t taste half bad for decaf and watered down.  I have tried twice since and both times I got a blunt, “no.”  I totally understand why they say no.  But, I also don’t understand why it can’t be an option.

We bought mass cat food and cat litter today at Costco.  The lady at the checkout asked us how many cats we have. I am sure she expected us to say two or three.  When we said one, she looked surprised.  The advantage is that we only have to buy mass food and litter every 3 or 4 months.  Patrick said afterwards that we should have lied and said something like five just to see her reaction.

I finally caught up on Grey’s Anatomy yesterday.  Besides crying my face off (which has been less frequent this season), I played the game of let’s guess who is going to get killed off this season.  My guess was wrong.

That is all for now.

What is random about your week this week?


4 thoughts on “Some random tidbits

  1. You asked for decaf??? Is the world coming to an end??? But I’m with ya…they should totally make it!

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