Misheard lyrics

Sometimes, song lyrics are confusing.  As in, you think you hear one thing.  And then you sing along singing that one random thing.  And then you eventually find out that, in fact, those are not the lyrics.  Or sometimes, you know that those can’t possibly be the words, but that is all you have to go on.  And sometimes, you just exist in oblivion.

Patrick and I stumbled upon this video from Jimmy Fallon from his #hashtag series.  This one is called #misheard lyrics.  It is not only hilarious, but we could see how this could happen… From firsthand experience.

One of my other fathers thought the song that goes, “I believe in miracles, where you from? You sexy thing.” actually was, “I believe in miracles, burn your bras!  You sexy thing.”  He thought that for many years, until, when we were teenagers, he was belting along with a Burger King commercial that played the song and commented on how that seemed to be an odd song for a burger place.  We finally realized what he thought he was singing.

There is a song out right now called “Sweet Nothing” by Florence + The Machine, but all we have heard whenever either Patrick or I listen to it is “sexy elephant.”  As it turns out, when I was searching for the song, we are not alone.

Another song I have issues with is “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John.  My favourite phrase that I now intentionally sing every time is “electric boobs.”  I blame the movie 27 Dresses because it further etched my lack of knowledge of the true lyrics.

This weekend, the Child showed us videos by RhettandLink who fed Taylor Swift songs into YouTube’s auto-caption program and then sang the  songs with they lyrics the caption thing spit out.  They make less sense, which makes them extra hilarious.  

Sometimes, misheard lyrics are the best.


3 thoughts on “Misheard lyrics

  1. Those are some great misheard lyrics. When we were kids, my brother was convinced that Madonna’s “Where’s the Party” was called “Rat Safari”. To this day, the mental imagery of that still makes me giggle.

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