The Fault In Our Stars movie and other mixed feelings topics

The lovely folks from the movie world have decided to convert what I would probably consider one of my newer all-time favourite books into  a movie.  The Fault In Our Stars is being made in to a movie reports my husband and the internet.  Apparently, the producer says he is going to make it a pure and true interpretation.  

I don’t believe it.

I don’t think you can make this book into a good movie.  There is too much deep stuff.  Too much subtext.

But this is the opinion of someone who thinks that almost all movie adaptations are suboptimal.

Nonetheless, I will excitedly go see it because I loved the book that much.  I anticipate disappointment.

Thus, mixed feelings.

I also have mixed feelings about almost all cover songs.  I love a good song.  And I love a good cover.  But, often one is better than the other.  Generally the original is better, but every once in awhile something surprises you and it is better.  Patrick had discovered that CBC radio has a cover segment where they play an original song and then a cover sequentially.

The segment played one of my favourite songs, “Close To Me” by The Cure, a few weeks ago.   

I was not a huge fan of the cover, but still excited to hear another variation.  Unfortunately, despite avid searching, Patrick and I could not track down the artist, nor the YouTube video for the cover we remembered… There was a lot of creepy breathing happening though.  I don’t know why.  But, while hunting for a cover, I did discover that many bands have attempted (but in my opinion, not quite perfected the song).  Here is a Of Monsters and Men cover of the song… I love Of Monsters and Men.  I love the song.  I don’t love them singing it.  

I did prefer this cover of the Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back” by The Civil Wars.

For more mixed feelings, let’s discuss new shoes.

New shoes are awesome.  Because they are clean.  And new.  And not falling apart.  I need new dress shoes.  They are rancid and the inside is peeling off the sole and all that awfulness.  But, as great as new shoes are, they need to be broken in.  And paid for.

I don’t have Toms, but I have fake ones… And my old ones versus new ones have a similar disparity. My dress shoes are getting lucky like this now, though. Must go shoe shopping… Image from

Mixed feelings.

Bed time and wake up time.  Both are mixed feeling times.  At one, you are tired and sleep is a good idea, but you want to stay up and do/see more.  At the other, you want to stay cozy and asleep, but have a whole day ahead to do things.  

Okay, sometimes, bed time or wake up time is not met with mixed feelings.  This is true.

How about big meals… Good food, full bellies, nice company.  Maybe some fun cooking.  But, that is followed by lots of dishes to wash.  Boo.

What things do you have mixed feelings about?  Or what are your thoughts on my mixed feelings topics?

4 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars movie and other mixed feelings topics

  1. I haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars yet, but I think it’s weird that the guy and girl they cast as Augustus and Hazel are also playing Caleb and Tris in the Divergent movie. O.o Talk about mixed feelings!

    Also, if I recall correctly you live in Canada, so you are probably not too well versed with American Idol, or at least with most of the contestants, but that show is basically about covers. I think the 2007 winner David Cook improved every song he sang on that show with the exception of one or two songs. But in many cases I actually heard his version before the original, but I also like how he rocked up pop songs.

    • I didn’t know they picked those same actors… That makes it a bit weird.
      I actually do know American Idol, though I stopped watching it after season two or three. Some people pull off covers better than others. He is one of the good ones.

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