A/C (air conditioning) and C/H (cat house)

Living on the 11th floor means that our apartment gets obscenely hot, even in the winter.  Last summer, we didn’t live here most of the time, so we lived with fans, open windows and lots of whining.  This year, however, we are living in town full time and have a furry friend to worry about, so we decided to invest in a portable air conditioner.

So, Patrick and I headed to Home Depot on one of my last glorious shift work days (in the pouring rain) to buy an air conditioner.  We found one and I stood waiting while Patrick went to find a cart to put it in to get to the cash and out to the car.  While I was waiting, I was asked by FOUR people working there if I needed assistance.  Every time I answered like a foolish, clueless woman, “No thanks, I’m just waiting for my husband.”  Way to perpetuate the stereotype, Trisha.  On the other hand, I must say Home Depot has some good service!

We bring the air conditioner home and then exist through the rainiest long weekend in a while.  We procrastinate setting up the air conditioner.  In the mean time, Jeter has established the air conditioner box as his new home.  He liked to lay on top of it, scratch at it… All that good stuff.

Finally, today, it is kind of warm out.  And predicted to be scorching for the rest of the week and weekend.

So, post call and warm, we decided to assemble the air conditioner.

Easy enough.  Then we discovered that our apartment building, along with having freakishly high ceilings and ill placed cement beams around windows (see my post about hanging curtains) also has weird windows.  The window fitting thing is made to fit 18 inch windows at their smallest.  We discovered that although the bottom (opening portion of our window measures 18 inches, the actual space where the thing can fit actually only measures 17.5 inches.


So, we try to make it fit in our patio door.  They are freakishly tall.  Also an epic fail.

As a result, my husband who is working on becoming more handy measured and plans to exacto knife off the extra 1/2 inch off, so we can fit it in our window.  This after trying to use one of my kitchen knives to get the job done.

Meanwhile, the cat is having a time trying to attack the plastic ties, and seems distraught his box is an open cavern.

So, I did what any reasonable person cat lover on a budget who is ridiculously cheap would do.

I made the box into a giant cat house (clearly, this is another step in our becoming crazy minions to our cat).

We have been considering getting Jeter a cat tree because he loves to climb to high places, but all the same, we also are very aware that he has not been a huge fan (minus applying cat nip) of his scratching post or the box I made a bed for him in when we first got him.  Plus, they can be ugly and overpriced.

So, since we have the box anyway and it is currently filling a space that I want to get a shelf for, I decided to concoct a cat house for Jeter out of something he already loves.  photo

I even made a door, so he can hide inside (although he has been avoiding going in, even though he hides out in our luggage, dressers and any other confined space).   I went at the sucker with the staple gun and attached one of the plastic ties he likes to attach and one of his balls on a string.

Unfortunately, I, the one who was only sawing cardboard with a knife as opposed to the plastic vent holder, managed to break a knife. Fortunately, no body was impaled in the making of this cat house.

Who knows, if it sticks, I may even paint it.

I clearly need more sleep.

12 thoughts on “A/C (air conditioning) and C/H (cat house)

  1. What I got from this post:
    a) you live in an apartment on the 11th floor
    b) it gets hot in yours. The Boy’s apartment is on the 16th floor and it’s ALWAYS COLD, except during late afternoon sunshine. Must be the strong wind we get in CPT.
    c) you have a cat. I am telling The Boy that he has been lying to me. It is not a bad idea to have a cat in an apartment.
    Also, good luck. Painting is fun.

    • Fascinating, I just thought all high up apartments get hot. We get sun most of the day, so I think that is part of the problem. There is lots of wind here, but it has to blow in the right direction to make a difference, which seems to be rare.
      And yes, indoor cats are fine with apartments. At least ours is.
      Tell The Boy I’m sorry… But, yay cats!

  2. We kept a big fan box for awhile simply b/c one of our cats liked it. : ) Wow- couldn’t stand the heat of your place. We like it cool even in winter and keep our thermostat about 65. This is comfortable to us, but some who visit in winter think our house is an icebox.

    • I am glad we aren’t the only ones to keep a box because of a cat. It is pretty hot in the summer. The rest of the year it is warm enough to generally not need the heat or sometimes keep windows open.

  3. Haha, I love your new cat house! I think your cat loves it too!

    Your Home Depot story reminds me of the time I walked into Best Buy, after having shopped at another store, and someone asked if they could help me. I told him that no, I was just looking for my husband. He replied, “We have lots of lost husbands in here.” Ha!

  4. Confession: when I got to Home Depot alone I make sure to look nice and smile a lot, since 99% of the time I need help and want to make sure to get it in a timely manner. Works like a charm (at setting feminism backwards a century).

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