Yay Vacation!

I have a mountain of books, a bag packed, lots of sunscreen, bug spray and no work for one full week.

Posting will be sporadic at best.

My last day pre-vacation of work was suboptimal… I had someone die, someone else crash and wind up in ICU and found a wailing, sobbing spouse in the hallway.

Quote of the day, “He is happy.  I mean, he isn’t thrilled that his spleen blew up or that the slew of medications haven’t worked and that we still don’t have a good grasp of what is going on.  But, other than that, he is content.”

On the bright side, Patrick made me chicken parmesan to start off vacation.  And, well, it is vacation!


4 thoughts on “Yay Vacation!

  1. Working in the medical field must mean endless excitement with your job everyday… now whether or not it’s the kind of excitement you want I’m sure varies moment to moment! Have fun on your vacation!

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