Flashes of vacation

Today was back to work day after a lovely week off the grid…

Okay, not off the grid.  But, it was a relaxing time spent not studying or working.

I accomplished a lot.

I got to go ride on a boat with 20 of Patrick’s “closest relatives.”  It was pleasantly rough (for me… not for the poor barfing kid).IMG_0709


I caught a fish (mackrel to be exact).  I posed for a picture with the fish.  Said fish sought its vengeance (or realized it was oxygen deprived) and leapt from my hand in mid photo.  IMG_0722

I spent a lot of time on the beach doing things like swimming, hunting for crabs and running away from baby jellyfish (they may be cute and tiny, but  I don’t want to toy with their ability to sting).

Patrick with his crab find!  Unfortunately, it was dead and he was hoping for a live one.

Patrick with his crab find! Unfortunately, it was dead and he was hoping for a live one.

I spent even more time on the beach getting a sunburn and the best tan I have had in ages (I can almost sense my impending skin cancer).  All this despite repeatedly applying SPF 30.  Repeatedly.IMG_3972

I received 20 mosquito bites.  10 of them were on my hands.  My gratitude for AfterBite (which was already vast) increased.  Sadly, I didn’t catch a picture of them.

We shared a chalet for 8 with 12 people including ourselves.

I decided to try running outside on my own as a result of this.

Beautiful morning for a run... Except for the scorching heat and tripping over dry sand or inadvertantly running into waves.

Beautiful morning for a run… Except for the scorching heat and tripping over dry sand or inadvertantly running into waves.

I nearly died on my first day of trying to run outside in the scorching sun and sand… I brought Patrick for beach walks the other days.IMG_3989

We barely ate a meal on time.  We went to bed late.  This threw me off… But when your view looks like this…IMG_3961

Who cares?

Okay, I still cared a bunch.  But, I was by far one of the few who took notice of the timing issues.

We went to a drive-in and saw Despicable Me 2.  I was more excited than some of the kids.  Then I noticed that something was off with the drive-in theme… Can you spot the not in this photo?IMG_3955

I read 3 books.  They were all excellent.  I realized how epically Patrick and I are bookworms relative to most other people.  I decided that was okay.

One of my choice reading spots... Until the sunburn started to fire up.

One of my choice reading spots… Until the sunburn started to fire up.

We drove over 1,000km.  I sang for most of them.

We visited our hometown and friends and families.  There, I got to go Dollar Store shopping with my lovely friend, V.  I bought Jeter a new feather.

Downtown home where we went for "beaver bites" with our lovelies.

Downtown home where we went for “beaver bites” with our lovelies.

When we got home last night, all I wanted to do was sleep.  All Jeter wanted to do was play with his feather.  guess who got their way.

Thank goodness it is a short work week.  And we have visitors from home!


7 thoughts on “Flashes of vacation

  1. Who took care of Jeter? Was he mad when you got back? My cats get really unhappy when they see the suitcases out. Taffy runs and hides. Moki pees on the floor. Then none of them want us after we get back. Life in the cat lane!

    • A couple friends looked in on him most days. He is strangely resilient and is fine when we leave for a weekend. He did cry and act more clingy and crazy when we got back this time… It was a week, after all.
      Our friends’ cat gets really angry when they leave her… Cries and cries. We check in on her and she has a fit for the first 10 minutes every time. Poor thing.

  2. That picture with the fish jumping out of your hands is pretty great. I feel the same way about my reading habits compared to many of the people I know, and while I’m fine with it, I just don’t understand. Come on, people! Reading is fun! You learn stuff! Get on board! What books did you read?

    • It is probably my favourite picture from the whole trip.
      I am glad I’m not alone on the reading habits thing. Thankfully my husband and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to that. I read “Uke of Wellington,” a story of a man who travelled around Britain playing his ukelele, “Half Baked,” a book about a woman, her husband and their 25 weaker and “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window.” A fun selection!

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