Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Not Pick Up A Book

I am not an overwhelmingly picky book person.  Although I am cheap and don’t buy every book I see (although I buy more books than most other things, except coffee and music), I will try reading almost anything if it comes highly recommended.  That being said, there are some definite exceptions to that rule.

This week’s top ten Tuesday list with the folks over at the Broke and Bookish is the top ten words/topics that make me not pick up a book.  There are exceptions to these, but as a general rule, other than some possible mockery, I do avoid these.

  1. Horror.  I don’t do scary well.  Even though when I was a kid I was super into Goosebumps and Fear Street and all that good stuff.  I grew out of it and became a big scardey cat.  I don’t want to read anything that will terrify me.  Sure, I love some mystery or suspense, but nothing that promises to give me a good fright.
  2. Harlequin Romance. My Mom loves this stuff.  I can’t do it.  Nope.  The drama and such cracks me up and I just don’t like that many graphic sex scenes… Ever.  Plus, I am not a very good romantic.
  3. Christian Romance.  I do read Christian books, preferably of the nonfiction variety.  And I do read some books that are considered romance, albeit romantic comedy sorts.  I, however, would rather impale my eyes than read a Christian Romance novel.  Every one I have ever seen is super cheesy and overdramatized.  Ugh.
  4. Poetry.  Patrick loves poetry.  I have all sorts of friends who love it too.  I just can’t get into it.  I have no desire to read a book of poems.  They just don’t do it for me.  Sure, some are great and I do love some good Dr. Seuss, but beyond that, I say no.
  5. Fad diets/exercise stuff.  I have no desire to read about exercising or dieting.  I do love cook books, but if you start dropping terms like “eating green” or “going gluten free” (as opposed to having to be gluten free), I get irritated.  I just can’t deal with trendy exercise and even trendier food.
  6. Cars.  Beyond the animated movie, I have no interest in motor vehicles.  Travel, yes.  Cars, no.
  7. Politics.  In the news, in a book… It is all the same to me.  I don’t mind some history, or realistic context, but if you start talking about the nitty gritty of politics, you will lose me every time.
  8. When books are recommended for fans of ridiculously trendy books.  I am fine if it is recommended by an author, but when people say things like “for people who loved The Notebook” or “similar to Twilight”, it makes me hesitant, even though I do admit to liking those books a bit.
  9. Oprah.  Oprah’s book club did read some good books.  But her name is strapped to more bad than good, at least from what I have seen.  When I see Oprah now, I automatically think of The Secret and that makes me want to put the book back promptly.
  10. Royalty.   Maybe part of it is my annoyance with everyone’s fascination with Will and Kate and their new spawn, but I really have no interest whatsoever in the royal family.  I mean, they just happen to be born into fame.  But, the world loves them.  Even beyond the current monarchy, books of kings and queens just don’t thrill me.


What are some of the topics or key words that make you want to put a book down?  Do you agree or disagree with any of mine?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Not Pick Up A Book

  1. I hate Harlequin Romance books. They’re all incredibly formulaic and none of them stand out. Also, I don’t give a crap about the royal family either. In fact, I’m very annoyed that William and Kate’s baby will not disappear from the preview of my Windows Surface news app. I’m all for happy stories and everything, but happy stories that matter…that have changed the world in some way. A new baby being born doesn’t.

    • I agree! Love happy stories, but I don’t really see how a baby being born should trump everything else. Plus, I really don’t care what Obama is getting the baby. Really.

      • He’s seriously getting the baby something? Ugh…sometimes I hate our world for how frivolous it can be. While people are out there making a real difference, our media chooses to make a big deal out of a woman pushing a royal baby from an obsolete monarchy out of her vagina. Oh, wait…they’re making a big deal about a royal baby when women have babies every day. So, here’s to the babies born on the royal baby’s birthday that don’t get recognition because they’re, well, not royal. Give me a friggin’ break.

      • Apparently. That was all CNN was broadcasting on for most if my time at the gym last night. It blows my mind. I would never want that kind of coverage if I birthed something. Resources should be used elsewhere. Almost anywhere else would be more appropriate.

  2. Oprah! Why didn’t I think of that?!

    I definitely agree with horror and harlequin romance. And it’s been a while since I’ve tried to read Christian romance… I think it’s because I’m afraid to for the reasons you mentioned. If anyone could provide a good example though, I would love to read it because I have ideas in my head for Christian romance stories, but I want to do it right if I am to ever write them out, and being provided a good example would be a big help! The last Christian fiction book I remember reading that did focus on romance was actually YA and it featured a love triangle and ugh… I was not a fan. It was the first of a series and I was like NOPE… no more!

    • If you write a Christian Romance, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and a try. Otherwise, I am hesitant.
      I too hate the overused live triangle scenario. How often does that happen in real life? Almost never! Agh!

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