Top Ten Books I (Patrick) Wish Could Have Had Sequels

It is Top Ten Tuesday time again with the folks over at the Broke and the Bookish.  At that, it is time for another TTT with my lovely spouse and guest poster, Patrick, who was more than thrilled to fill in for this week’s list while I recuperate from a concussion.

It’s Trisha’s partner in crime again. When I volunteered to do blog duties again I was excited to see  I would have no trouble coming up with books for this week’s topic.  I  have read many great books that have left me wanting more and/or wishing I could spend more time in the world the characters reside. So below in a random order is the first ten I could think of. Enjoy!

  1. The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom.  This novel was published ten years before the movie of the same name (which I also enjoyed) and had nothing to do with it story wise. It starts with a man sitting at a cafe in Paris when he sees the man who killed his father when he was a child. It ends with Hitler’s frozen head. Everything in between is full of suspense that kept me guessing along with the main character. Although it had a very satisfying ending I definitely would consider more stories involving the main character or other characters in the novel.
  2.  The Chronicles of Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis.   Although I didn’t actually read the complete series till I was an adult I still found myself enchanted by Narnia and all the  colourful characters that lived there. I’m glad the series was resolved  with  no loose ends but I would have read more Narnia books in a heartbeat.
  3.  Little House on the Prairie by  Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I know its another series that already had many sequels but nevertheless I really enjoyed escaping into the past that although simpler in some ways was much more challenging to live in. I don’t think there was much more Laura could share but I would find stories told from her sister’s or parents’ perspective just as interesting if they existed. I’m sure they would have similar but also completely unique ways of looking at things.
  4. The Book Thief by  Markus Zusak.  My wife and I both enjoyed this book so much that we agreed that a sequel about Liesel and her family was unnecessary. However, my wife pointed out that it would definitely be worth reading another story narrated by the same “Death” who is funny and empathetic despite his reputation. I wholeheartedly agree.
  5.  The Firm by   John Grisham  – I just picked this up last week and couldn’t put it down. The mysterious law firm that Mitch, the main character, starts working for is fascinating and scary in a Stepford wives kind of way. I cared about what happened to Mitch and even a few of the other firm employees who seemed to be pawns who couldn’t escape the game. I know  I’m not the only one who found the ending unsatisfying and wish I knew more about what happened next to Mitch’s Family. Yes I am aware there was a TV sequel, however I haven’t watched it and don’t count it.
  6.  Superman’s Cape by Brian Spangler–  This book wasn’t what I expected it to be but  I really enjoyed it nonetheless. It reminded me of a Stephen King book in a good way. It follows a Mother of two who recently lost her husband in a random store robbery, followed by her oldest son going missing in the woods. In addition, it centers on a weatherman who can predict the weather perfectly and read people’s mind just by touching them. The two stories intersect in a powerful way to say the least. The ending very much pointed to a sequel since it was the author’s first novel it makes perfect sense.
  7. Section 8 by Robert Doherty–   This was another book that I couldn’t stop reading from cover to cover. It follows a disgraced soldier who is recruited to a top secret unit of other misfits to basically go on suicide missions. It turns out to be even more sinister than he imagines and the ending leaves things open for his story to continue.
  8. The Time Traveler’s Wife by  Audrey Niffenegger. I Devoured this book as I love the concept of Time traveler and enjoyed the fresh take on it. It was both cool in a geeky way and heartbreaking but I couldn’t help wonder what places I would end up if I had Henry’s curse or gift depending on how you look at it. I wanted a sequel to the book so much that I read fan-fiction endings in an effort to satisfy me. Not to mention the fact that his daughter shares his time traveling genes which opens up a whole new world to explore. The great news is that the author is writing a 30 page sequel about Henry’s daughter was recently announced.
  9.  Paper Towns by John Green. I found the ending very satisfying so I wouldn’t want a sequel to the book as much as a prequel. After all,  Quentin and his friends are hilarious together and I’d love to read more about what shenanigans they got up to in high school before Margo comes into the picture. I’m sure there would be some interesting stories to tell.
  10.  The Midwife of St. Petersburg by Linda Lee Chaikin.  I know this is a weird book for me or any  man to read but it did appeal to the hopeless romantic in me. My Mom actually gave it to me for Trisha to borrow during a family vacation. However, as I needed a new book I ended up reading it and enjoying it. It was fascinating to read about another time and place and how a war affected the characters of various classes. The ending definitely left things open and I want to know what becomes of all the characters.

What are some of your picks for books that should have sequels?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I (Patrick) Wish Could Have Had Sequels

  1. Oh Yay ~ A mini sequel to ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ …… I had not heard. That is one of my all time favorite books. Definitely top ten! Great post!

    • Thanks! I didn’t know about the sequel till yesterday either and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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